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Cheat Codes For The Warriors PS2

This is a rough, tough game about a gang of young kids, known as the Warriors, who flex their muscle around the city. they are destructive and out to hurt anyone who gets in their path. This game is based on the famous movie called The Warriors.

Their goal is to get to Coney Island, and they are hunted by every gang in the city. You do the gang basics in this fun video game by thieving and looting stores, tagging walls with your gang insignia, and fighting other individuals. What more could you want out of a game? This game is fun for days, but is fairly easy to beat, so it would be great for a one night rental.

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The Warriors Cheats and Hints

Infinite health While playing the game, press Up, Triangle, L3, Select, X, L2. Note: Activating rage while this code is enabled will cancel the unlimited health.

Infinite sprint While playing the game, press Down, Square, Left, X, L1, Select.

Infinite rage While playing the game, press Square, Circle, Triangle, Select, X, Left.

All items and $200 While playing the game, press R1, R2, L1, X, Down, L1.

All weapon dealers unlocked While playing the game, press Right, R1, Circle, X, Select, Square.

200 Bones, 3 Flash, and Cans While playing the game, press R1, R2, L1, X, Down, L1.

Upgrade combat stamina While playing the game, press X, L1, Down, Square, Up, X.

Upgrade sprint stamina While playing the game, press L2, Select(4), Triangle.

Upgrade Flash capacity While playing the game, press L2, X, R2, L1(2), Circle.

Upgrade Flashhead While playing the game, press Down, Left, Up(2), Square, Right.

Upgrade bum advice While playing the game, press Circle(2), Down, R2, L2, Circle.

Upgrade hobo allies While playing the game, press R1(2), L1, R1, L1, Up.

Complete current mission While playing the game, press Down, Square, X, Select, R1, Left.

100% completion in Story mode While playing the game, press L1, Select, Square, Down, L2, Right.

Lose police While playing the game, press Up, Select, X, Triangle(2), Circle.

Handcuff key drops While playing the game, press Left, X(2), R2, L1, Down.

Handcuff drops While playing the game, press Up, X, Up, Select, L3, L1.

Uncuff self While playing the game, press Triangle(3), Select, Triangle, R1.

Get brass knuckles While playing the game, press Circle(3), L1, Select, Triangle.

Get steel-toe boots While playing the game, press R3, R2, R1, L3, L2, L1.

Get knife While playing the game, press Down(2), Select, Up(2), L3.

Get bat While playing the game, press Square, R2, Down(2), L1(2).

Get unbreakable bat While playing the game, press L3(2), Circle, Up, Circle, Select.

Get pipe While playing the game, press R2, Circle, Select, Up, L1, Right.

Get machete While playing the game, press L1, X, R1(2), Select, R2.

Get Molotov cocktail While playing the game, press Right, Select, Circle, Left, Circle, Square.

Disable HUD While playing the game, press Select, Square, Left, Square, R3, R2.

99 credits in Armies Of The Night mini-game While playing the game, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right.

Armies Of The Night mini-game Successfully complete the game on the Bopper or higher difficulty setting to unlock the Armies Of The Night arcade machine at the hub. In this game, you play as Swan and Ajax in Double Dragon style stages. The object of the game is the save Mercy, who has been captured by the Riffs.

Ghost characters Successfully complete the Armies Of The Night mini-game to unlock Ghost Swan, Ghost Ajax, Ghost Cyrus, Ghost Fox, and Ghost Cleon.

Bonus Coney Island missions Successfully complete the game to unlock bonus Coney Island missions. In these missions, you can uncuff yourself without keys and rage with use of Flash.

Unleash The Fury mode Get a 100% completion on the Hardcore Soldier difficulty setting to unlock the Unleash The Fury difficulty setting. Under this difficulty setting, you play as the Baseball Furies gang with the same story, but start with bats and the difficulty is higher.

Credits mini-game Successfully complete the game, then during the ending credits you can play as the Riffs and fight against the Rogues on the beach.

Infinite money After any mission in Free Roam mode, go to a jewelry store and break in. When inside, take the register and exit. Make a right and go straight until your base is on the right side. Go up the first set of stairs and stop. Turn towards the stairs leading farther up. Throw the register against the stairs in this position until it breaks. When it breaks open, stand over to collect the money. If done correctly, the register should keep giving you money until it reaches $999. Note: The money you collect may not be there during missions.

Free items Go to a Flash dealer, and buy some Flash. Then, start to beat up the Flash dealer. When he fights back, hold R2 and issue the command "Wreck 'em all! ". When you and your team have killed the Flash dealer, he will drop the cash that you gave him, and sometimes some extra Flash.

To get free items, just beat up the dealer. They will drop at least one item that they are selling. For free Flash, pay $40 for two Flash, then beat him up to get the third Flash for free, plus the money you just gave him. Once you can carry four Flashes, use the same technique, but pay for three to get the fourth for free. For free paint, you can only carry nine paint cans. Buy eight and get the ninth for free by using the beat-down method; you will also get your $40 back. For free knives, when you are able to pay for knives from a dealer, it is best that you do not spend more than $150. Each knife is worth $50. Pay for three and get the fourth for free. Note: The beat down method does not work when you need information from the bums sitting on the ground. Do not give them any more than $2. To get it back from them, do not beat them down; instead, mug them for it.

Getting strong knifes Go to a knife dealer and kill the dealer. He will drop two strong knives that do not break as easily as the regular ones. Eventually, the dealer will respawn and you can keep getting free knives that are strong.

Radio The radio in the Warriors' hangout can be manipulated by pressing R1 when standing by it. You will shuffle between various "stations" although all you are really changing are the songs on the playlist. The radio can also be picked up and thrown like other objects in the hideout, but it cannot be broken.

Extra opponents in Red Devil arena Start a fight in Rumble mode and choose the Red Devil stage. The three band members playing music on the stage will engage in the fight if you go up there and start hitting any one of them. You can also pick up their guitars and pieces of the drum set and use them as weapons. The music will also stop naturally, leaving only a faint buzzing in the amps until the fight is over.

Flashback E During Flashback E, your mission is to retrieve a size 9 hat. Playing as Cochise you will get the hat from the leader of The Boppers. When fighting Big Moe he will eventually drop his hat. When you put on his hat you must follow the button sequence correctly to get a free Flash. When doing the button sequence correctly, Cochise will begin dancing. You will need the extra Flash when fighting Big Moe. You will have two chances to get two extra Flash. Also, beat up the two girls that get involved to bring up your rage meter. This will help when you are fighting Big Moe.

Turnbull AC's Chase Use the following method to escape them. Continuously hold down L2 to remain ahead of them. Also, try and keep the controller toggle pulled towards you dead center. The buttons configuration is as follows: Triangle, X, Triangle, X(2), Triangle(3).

Defeating the Baseball Furies The Baseball Furies are a tough enemy, and they are always armed with bats. To win a brawl with them (for example, in the "Home Run" mission), you must disarm them before doing serious damage. First, charge at the group of them and press Square before coming in contact to throw yourself into the air and dive-tackle them. This will knock them down. Grapple one and throw him into any others. Keep knocking them down until one drops a bat. Then, pick it up and use it to keep knocking them down. Do not focus on one at a time; try to keep them off their feet as much as possible and do not get surrounded. When fighting the leader of the Furies, the others will sometimes throw baseballs at you. Finish them off then throw the baseballs at the leader to weaken him.

Defeating Luther in Coney Island When you have Luther on the beach the second time (after defeating him the first time), do not worry about hiding behind this fence or the crate. Wait behind the boat, let Luther shoot five or six shots, then sprint directly up the middle until you are in front of Luther and throw a bottle. It will hit him in the face. Do not bother to aim or do anything else, just throw it.

Bloody punching bag Go to your base in Coney, then go to where the work out equipment is found. Enable a code that gives you a machete, knife, or anything else with a blade. Alternately, smash the trash pile in the corner for a beer bottle. This trick will not work with a baseball bat or anything that does not have a blade. Walk up to the punching bag and hit it with your blade. Blood will squirt out, and your blade will break like if you were killing a person.

Increasing stamina There is an area once you get inside of the Warriors hideout where you can work out. You will be able to do chin ups, sit ups, push ups, and a heavy bag. At the end of each chapter you will be able to workout to increase your stamina. However, you will not be able to start working out until after Chapter 3. There are ten ranks for each exercise. They are as follows, with "R" being rank, and "/" being within seconds:

Chin Ups: R1=5, R2=5/11 sec., R3=10/21 sec., R4=10/19 sec., R5=10/17 sec., R6=15/32 sec., R7=15/29 sec., R8=15/26 sec., R9=20/40 sec., R10=20/35 sec.

Sit Ups: R1=5, R2=5/11 sec., R3=10/21 sec., R4=10/19 sec., R5=10/17 sec., R6=15/32 sec., R7=15/29 sec., R8=15/26 sec., R9=20/40 sec., R10=20/35 sec.

Push Ups: R1=5, R2=5/11 sec., R3=10/19 sec., R4=10/17 sec., R5=10/15 sec., R6=15/28 sec., R7=15/24 sec., R8=15/20 sec., R9=20/30 sec., R10=20/25 sec.

Heavy Bag: R1=10/25 sec., R2=10/23 sec., R3=10/21 sec., R4=10/19 sec., R5=10/17 sec., R6=15/33 sec., R7=15/31 sec., R8=15/29 sec., R9=15/27 sec., R10=15/25 sec.

Point requirements Each level requires a certain amount of points to unlock soldiers for your create-a-gang, an arena, or bonus rounds for when you are at home in Coney. You must also complete the Bonus Objectives as well. Use the following key: "HSN" is high score needed; "SU" is soldiers unlocked; "AU" is arenas unlocked; and "BO" is bonus objectives.

Chapter 1 (New Blood): HSN = 5, 000, SU = 1 Chapter 2 (Real Live Bunch): HSN = 2, 000, SU = 10 Chapter 3 (Pay Back): HSN = 17, 000, SU = 22, BO = 3 Chapter 4 (Blackout): HSN = 12, 000, SU = 24, BO = 2, AU = 1 Chapter 5 (Real Heavy Rep): HSN = 7, 000, SU = 12, BO = 2, AU = 2 Chapter 6 (Writer's Block): HSN = 8, 000, SU = 18, AU = 1 Chapter 7 (Adios Amigo): HSN = 7, 000, SU = 15, BO = 2, AU = 4 Chapter 8 (Encore): HSN = 2, 000, SU = 2, AU = 1 Chapter 9 (Payin' The Cost): HSN = 1, 000, SU = 14, AU = 1 Chapter 10 (Destroyed): HSN = 8, 000, SU = 4, BO = 1, AU1 Chapter 11 (Boys In Blue): HSN = 9, 000, SU = 10, BO = 1, AU = 3 Chapter 12 (Set Up): HSN = 15, 000, SU = 29, BO = 3, AU = 1 Chapter 13 (All City): HSN = 15, 000, SU = 18, BO = 1, AU = 1 Chapter 14 (Desperate Dudes): HSN = 7, 000, SU = 18, BO = 2, AU = 1 Chapter 15 (No Permits, No Parley): HSN = 10, 000, SU = 7, BO = 1 Chapter 16 (Home Run): HSN = 2, 000, SU = 1, AU = 1 Chapter 17 (Friendly Faces): HSN = 2, 000, SU = 13, AU = 1 Chapter 18 (Come Out To Play): HSN = 2, 000, SU = 20 Flashback A (Roots): HSN = 9, 000, SU = 18, AU = 1 Flashback B (The Best): HSN = 6, 000, SU = 2, BO = 1, AU = 1 Flashback C (Heavy Muscle): HSN = 9, 000, SU = 13, BO = 2, AU = 1 Flashback D (Scout's Honor): HSN = 9, 000, SU = 29, BO = 1, AU = 2 Flashback E (Sharp Dressed Man): HSN = 11, 000 SU = 28, BO = 1, AU = 1 Flashback Coney Turf: SU = 2, BO = 17 (will be completed over time) Armies Of The Night arcade game: SU = 12, AU = 3 (arcade game must be completed to get soldiers and arenas)

Rumble mode bonuses Successfully complete the indicated chapter with a 100% completion (all tags sprayed and bonus missions) to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Chapter 1 (New Blood): The Warriors Chapter 2 (Real Life Bunch): The Warriors soldiers, Coney Turf Chapter 3 (Payback): The Destroyers Chapter 4 (Blackout): Baseball Furies and Baseball Field area Chapter 5 (Real Heavy Rep): The Orphans and The Orphanage area Chapter 6 (Writers Block): Hi-Hats and Burner Battle mini-game Chapter 7 (Adios Amigo): Hurricanes, Broken Apartments and Pool Room areas Chapter 8 (Encore): Hi-Hats soldiers and Coney Amusement area Chapter 9 (Payin' The Cost): The Destroyers soldiers Chapter 10 (Destroyed): The Destroyers soldiers and The Shack area Chapter 11 (Boy's In Blue): Turnbull ACs Chapter 12 (Set Up): Seracens, Jones Street Boys, and new area Chapter 13 (All City): Moonrunners and new area Chapter 14 (Desperate Dudes): The Riffs and new area Chapter 15 (No Permits, No Parley): Other soldiers Chapter 16 (Home Run): Other soldiers and Rotunda area Chapter 17 (Friendly Faces): Punks, Lizzies, and Subway Toilets area Chapter 18 (Come Out And Play): Rogues Flashback Mission A (The Best): Battle Le Royal mini-game Flashback Mission B (The Best): Eliminators, King Of The Hill mini-game and Flashback Warriors Flashback Mission D (Scout's Honor): Savage Huns Beat Up Gangsters On Your Turf #1 side mission: Brass Knuckles Beat Up Gangsters On Your Turf #3 side mission: Steel Toed Shoes How Many Flash Can You Take? side mission: East Coney Turf How Many Flash Can You Take? side mission: Increased Flash Capacity Rip-Off Dealers side mission: Knife Dealers Game completed 100%: Flashback Warriors, Spray, Flash, knife dealers, movie soldiers, Spanish Harlem civilians, and all remaining soldiers

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