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Happy Birthday Sarah Palin

Alas, poor Sarah Palin...former hockey mom, now regressed to simply a snarky mom.

The newly released Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that Sarah Palin's standing with the public is tanking like the economy did about the time she was selected as John McCain's running mate.

When asked whether they had a favorable or unfavorable impression of Sarah Palin (Question 23c), the result was:

Favorable: 37% (down from 43% in the November poll)

Unfavorable: 55% (up from 52% in the November poll)

In fact, the percent of people who had strongly unfavorable opinions of Sarah Palin (38%) was greater than the total favorable views (only 20% had strongly favorable views).

The news is even worse when it comes to the public's opinion on whether Sarah Palin is qualified to be President (Question 24):

Is qualified: 26% (down from 38% in the November poll)

Is NOT qualified: 71% (up from 60% in the November poll)

Despite her popularity with the largely monochromatic tea party folks, most people think she is more of a curiosity than a serious potential leader of anything (even a majority of Republicans think she is unqualified to sit in the oval office). Frankly, this shouldn't be surprising when one observes her in public. While she never presented herself with an aura of professionalism or knowledge (even her handlers on the campaign found her to be entirely superficial and incredibly uninformed even about basic grade school history), now she seems to have devolved into pure snarkiness.

Her speech at the for-profit tea party convention ($100, 000 for 41 minutes, such a deal) was a good example at how snarky she has become. While criticizing the president for using a teleprompter (hey, it's the 21st Century here in the lower 48), she cribs her notes in her hand. No big deal other than she was caught referring to her hand to answer a simple (and pre-approved) question about her core beliefs. Watching the video of her performance one can certainly appreciate her animated presentation style - she knows just how to drop the homey phrasing and mannerisms for greatest effect - but she does so only to take snide jabs that aren't even backed up by honest facts. In short, she flashes her superficial bumper sticker with a wink and dip and seems to think this makes her "credible." [Hint, it doesn't]

The point of this piece isn't to denigrate Sarah Palin (though I'm sure many folks will take it that way), but rather to note that while the schtick may be good for selling books and preaching to the sycophantic choir, that dog just don't hunt in the real world.

And that's the point. This is the real world. There are real people with real problems and real concerns about real government and real life. And we need real leadership with real intelligence and a real desire to find a path forward for ALL real Americans.

Snarky moms need not apply.

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By David Kay - A scientist, a writer, a traveler. What more is there?  

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