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How To Make A Sexy Sarah Palin Halloween Costume

Sarah Palin the new hot chick is definitely setting a new beauty/fashion trend across the entire Republican Party, but also the entire world with her elegant up do, glossy lips, white teeth, and very expensive eyeglasses. Sarah Pain's fashion has put an impact on all ages. Sarah Palin has become one of the hottest women her popularity is scoring with the young, middle age and the old. This is one woman that you either love or hate and this point of time she is making herself look better and better not only with her fashion, but her political speeches/interviews. Sarah Palin is becoming so popularity she even has her own superhero action figure dolls out, which come in the executive, school girl, and super hero. The dolls may not look like Sarah much, but heck anyone who has a doll out to look somewhat like them must be doing something right. So do you want to be Sarah Palin for Halloween? The easiest Sarah Palin Halloween costume to make would be the sexy executive Sarah Palin with the added touch of a sexy Liberian. The following items needed to make the Sarah executive costume are as followed.

Light Golden Brown hair with light very thin streaks of Golden honey highlights (If you don't have this color of hair then you may buy a wig. Cut out a picture of her hair color and match it up at a wig store. Make sure your hair has wispy bangs. If you are buying the Sarah Palin wig add wispy bangs to it. You may purchase the wig at they range from $115 Raquel Welch "Valentine style" to a $45 Sarah wig in a lovely Ginger Brown color with splashes of highlights.

For the Sarah Palin up do- It can be achieved on short, medium, and long hair. This up do will only take about 15 minutes to do. First make sure your hair is free of all tangles. Then gather your hair into a ponytail. Make sure the ponytail is a little bit loose to give you a more tousled look. Twist your hair a few times until you come to the ends. Grab a medium sized barrette place in the hair right in the middle secure. Make sure you leave the ends of the hair out. Now gently start pulling hair out carefully around the crown area at the top of the head. Keep your sides tight don't pull them out. You may a use a rattail comb to gently pull the hair out sometimes it's easier than using your fingers. Spray with a light hairspray. Then spray a light hairspray onto your fingers. Take your fingers and rub back and forth on your bangs making them messy and wispy looking. Make sure your bangs on either your own hair or the wig are about .5 inch passed your brow almost into your eye like Sarah Palin. Let's now move on to her sexy eye-wear she's sporting.

For the eyeglasses you may purchase a cheap pair of reading glasses from Walgreen for under $20. Try and choose a rectangle shape pair. Don't buy a pair with the very high magnifying wearing that type of eyeglasses will give you a pounding headache and strain your eyes. It would be great if you can find a pair with a fancy rimmed design on them in Red. Even though in some pictures of Sarah Palin it looks like her glasses are rimless to me. Now we will move on to her sexy glossy lips and other makeup she wears.

In most pictures Sarah's lip color looks like a pinkish mauve color with lots of shine. You can buy cheap lip color at almost any drugstore or food store. Make sure you find a Pink color lipstick that has a Mauve touch to it. Then buy a clear lip gloss to apply on top. You may have to apply two coats of lip-gloss to make your lips really shiny like Sarah's. Now let's move along to her clothing attire.

To get the Sarah executive look all you need is a Black blazer jacket, Black knee length skirt or Black dress pants, Red collared shirt underneath, Red or Black sexy pair of shoes, which I just heard Sarah wears the same heels as Paris Hilton, pair of medium size gold hoop earrings or gold dangle earrings, and carry a fake rifle or gun to give the costume more appeal.

There you have it a simple Sarah Palin Halloween costume that you can put together at home at a very cheap price. Oh and don't forget those pearly White teeth Sarah Palin has. You can easily whiten your teeth with a Hydrogen peroxide 3% solution mixed with water. Please do not swallow the peroxide just swish it around in your mouth like a rinse.

By Angel Vee - I'm a mother of 3 beautiful angels - boy/girl twins. I am also a professional beautician, who owned a hair salon for 6 years. Been in the beauty field for over 17 years. I have won hair styling awards, and a...  

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