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Palin Rejects Bailout Funds To The State Of Alaska

All across the country, house prices are falling, layoffs are rising in numbers and states are desperate for funds... But not everyone is excited about their state receiving the full amount of federal funding that should soon start flowing into their state. Republicans and Democrats have fiscal differences regarding Obama's Stimulus Package which is being seen and heard across the country as governors accept and reject federal funding for their state.

Sarah Palin, Alaska's governor, says that she would accept money that is "timely, targeted and temporary" and does not create strings that will bind the state in the future. Which means bind the state in the future to the United Stated government?

She isn't the first politician to announce reserves about accepting federal money. Texas Gov. Rick Perry recently announced that he too would be turning down federal stimulus funding; in his case, being $555 million of federal stimulus funding that would expand the state's unemployment benefits.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has said he will not be accepting nearly $100 million to expand unemployment benefits. In the same token, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford has also indicated that he only wants to use the federal money to pay down debt; which is using the federal funding, just with stipulations.

On the other hand, not all Republicans are refusing the federal funding. Charlie Crist of Florida and Arnold Schwarzenegger of California has welcomed the stimulus bounty. As of May of 2008, Florida and California both made the top 4 states in American to have been hit the hardest by foreclosures. That could have played a part in why both Charlie Crist and Arnold Schwarzenegger have welcomed the federal funding.

With states across the country suffering from the economy, it is guaranteed that Politicians will argue their points as to whether the federal spending is beneficial to the country's economic growth and recovery; or whether this massive spending will result in the further decline in our countries economy and further our debt.

House Republican voted unanimously against the Stimulus Bill, which is a strong statement to Washington. In the same token, this is another sign that Republicans are forming a united front. The Stimulus Bill, which had numerous earmarks and spending passed with the House and the Senate, has been praised by Democrats including Hillary Clinton. This is another example of Republicans and Democrats in Congress whose fiscal differences on the Stimulus Package could affect whether they take the full amount of federal spending that should start pouring soon into their states.


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