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The Associated Press Openly Demonstrates Their Progressive Bias

So Miss Sarah's book, Going Rogue is out. It's breaking sales records all over the joint. Amazing. Let me tell ya why.

how many are aware that the Associated Press assigned 11 reporters to vett her book? ELEVEN! Eleven AP minions assigned to dissect 440 pages of a book from a former politician. ELEVEN! No worries though. In fairness to AP they did this for other political persons pre and post office holding books.

The AP assigned how many reporters to the President's 2 books was it? Hold on - I'll look it up. Meanwhile, they did the same for Algore's book too! Al Franken's book on Limbaugh was heavily vetted as well. Bill Clinton's book is at present still undergoing some fact checking too! And let's not forget Michal Moore's pre-2008 election guide!

Good! I found it! Between all the above mentioned books, Palin's included, the AP assigned a grand total of ELEVEN (11) reporters to vett these political treatises.

Wait . . . if the AP assigned 11 reporters to her book, and 11 were the total for all the books I mentioned, seems maybe the Obama books, Algore, Clinton, Moore and Franken had ZERO vetting by AP. Huh? That's gotta be a mistake - be right back - double checking.

Wow friends. I have the sad occasion of reporting that the AP assigned NO ONE, ZIP, ZERO, NADA, forget about it, reporter's to vett the liberal wordsmithing. Golly gee is all I can say. Can y'all hear the shock and dismay in me voice? I am shaken to the core.

Granted, the Bamster's two books were written before a handful of people knew who the Hell he was, so maybe that's acceptable, although once the chatter about His Awesomeness grew one would think an organization CHARGED with discovering and verifying facts would have grown at least a little curious, wouldn't they? I mean an amateur like me was curious enough to buy the damned books.

Awesome too how he tells us he sought gravitas and standing so he, in a premeditated manner picked his friends - he admits he specifically sought out the "structural feminists and Marxist professors" among others he specifies. He even admits this was done in this specific manner for the backside benefit to him. He chose the radicals because he was trying to ingratiate himself to them and get, what again . . . yep . . . GRAVITAS!

I remember when I was 17 or so I started hanging out with tough-assed Bikers. I was seeking gravitas to be accepted by them in their little fraternity. I was too. Obama's seeking gravitas to be accepted by those he sought acceptance from is the same. Hmmm. I picked red-blooded Americans to grant me my gravitas - he picked America hating Commies, Marxists and the like to be accepted by them. I hung with Bikers cause I wanted to be one. Wonder if the Messiah hung with Marxists cause he wanted to be one? Just asking.

I wonder what is so interesting about Palin that AP needed 11 reporters to vett her? I mean she's a former politician. And to hear the Progressives and their media friends, she is the biggest idiot since Bush. So why 11 reporters to vett an idiot who has no brain power, no political power and no following? To hear them and their supporter's tell it she's done for, so why bother?

Could it be because 1400 people lined up for hours just to get a ticket to buy the new book and then wait hours in another line to meet Palin and have her sign the book? Naw, that can't be it.

Eleven reporters, 440 pages and 6 mistakes. Like Rush asked the other day, how many reporters has the AP assigned to vett the health care proposals 2000 pages? How many was it? Apparently zero. Eleven to vett a former politician, and none to vett the largest and most sweeping spending proposal in US history. Yeah, that seems right, in some completely screwy, disingenuous and totally politically motivated way. Par for the course.

Personally I think they are looking hard to find out where Palin has all those snakes that are entwined around and emerging from her exceptionally pretty head. Yeah, I hear AP is concerned she is a Medusa, thus AP is just protecting us from her evil. I don't know though.

It could be that she's so good looking and Librarian sexy that the females running the show over in Progressive land are just digging to see if their husbands are fantasizing about her. Ya know, destroy her so their men folk will start sniffin' round their old, dried up Progressives butts instead of getting all nipply when they see Palin plastered on TV. Just sayin . . . .

By Snidely Whiplash - Nuthin' of note.  

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