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Sarah Palin In A Towel, And Other Campaign Lunacy

Love her or hate her, Sarah Palin was a headline grabber throughout the 2008 Presidential Election, and now apparently afterwards, as word comes out that during the campaign, a sexy Sarah Palin cloth in nothing but a towel or two, greeted GOP brass in her hotel room. The GOP brass was there to hold a briefing with the prospective Vice Presidential candidate durinfg the GOP Convention in St. Paul [1]. Though somewhat tantalizing in a rather limited, it probably pales in comparison with some of the more bizarre moments of the 2008 campaign, especially when Palin's husband was in the room. Of course, had she greeted John McCain in such fashion during their first meeting we might really have a juicy story. Still, there are instances in the campaign probably more interesting or tantalizing than Palin in a towel with her husband in the same room.

For example the, the sight of Sarah Palin in a towel is nothing compared to a porn movie, "Nailin' Palin, " that spoofs the current Governor of Alaska. Don't ask me about the plot of the movie (is there a plot in this things?) since I have not seen it, or have any intention of seeing it, all I know is that some people in this world have gone way beyond imagining Sarah Palin in a towel, and are trying to make a quick buck with Sarah Palin look-alikes.

Of course few look a likes can do the job as credible as Tina Fey, and few moments of the 2008 Presidential campaign could compare with the appearance of both Sarah Palin and Senator John McCain's appearance on Saturday Night Live. For all practical purpose, Tina Fey's dead on impersonation of Sarah Palin still remains one of the highlights of an election that ran far too long. Too bad Tina Fey did not lampoon the GOP darling coming out in a towel. Not that Fey could not pull it off, after all, Fey has said that her own kid could not tell the difference.

As for Senator John McCain, his appearance on Saturday Night Live during the closing days of the 2008 Presidential election was historical, if not down right hysterical. The good Senator made fun of himself, and Obama's last minute infusion of money, by hawking "knives that cut through tough pork, " to raise money for his campaign. This came after McCain had managed to alienate late night TV host David Letterman by skipping out on an appearance in Letterman's show. McCain though had the good sense to come back on the air and attempt to court votes for his campaign with self effacing humor. [2] Perhaps the GOP campaign would have gotten a bigger boost to his campaign, if Sarah Palin had come out in a towel, on Dave's show. Perhaps even the liberal David Letterman might have had a change of heart and party, if had been bewitched by the VP candidate, in nothing but a towel. Only in America can someone dream of such things. Then again, maybe not. After all, Italy once had a porn star in a high government position.


1) Rachel Weiner, "Palin once greeted McCain Staff Wearing only a Towel, "November 5th, 2008,

2) "John McCain on Leetterman:"I screwed Up, " October 16, 2008,

By Rolando Cruz - The writer is a degreed engineer with a background in project management and purchasing.  

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