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McCain Goes For The Female Vote: Sara Palin, The Governor Of Alaska Gets The Nod

It's official, many thought it would be Tim Pawlenty, the Governor of Minnesota. But no, in a move to garner more female votes, McCain has chosen Sara Palin as his running mate. As he's stated on TV, he's the underdog in this race. Will choosing a female partner in his push to be elected our next president increase his odds of winning?

sara palin, born in Sandpoint Idaho, moved to Alaska very early in her life. She eloped to marry her husband Todd, a Native Yup'ik Eskimo who works in the commercial fishing industry, and during the off season for BP oil on the North Slope. He is also a four time winner of the "Iron Dog" snowmobile championship, a true Alaskan by all measures.

The political background on sara palin appears somewhat limited. She currently serves as Governor, elected in 2006. Prior to that she served two terms on the Wasilla City Council. Wassila is listed as a medium sized city of an estimated population for 2005 of 8, 471 making it the largest city in the borough. Her campaign for Governor was hinged on cleaning up Government in Alaska after blowing the whistle on Rudy Ruedrich, Oil and Gas Commissioner, who ended up paying a $12, 000 fine for his misdeeds.

With but two years managing the affairs of a State with a total population of just over 600, 000 people, Sara's qualifications seem more in line with her current job then being the number two person for a country of just under 300 million people.

Placing a past Beauty Queen (She took second place in the Miss Alaska Pageant) as the Vice President is no more logical then electing a war hero who's record indicates he's a rubber stamp copy of the current and badly miss-guided administration.

One thing for sure, public interest in who the next President will be is going to keep this an election to remember. Will we be in for more years of the same old same old, or is change really going to take place. Both sides can talk a good story, but what will become of it all when the dust settles.

By Curtis Carper - Semi-retired, part time want-a-be journalist who is thrilled to have developed a small but devoted following.  

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