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NJ GOP's Christie Snubs Gov. Palin Campaign Help

TRENTON, NJ - GOP gubernatorial candidate Christopher Christie does not want campaign assistance from former vice presidential candidate and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, according to a recent radio interview.

"This (campaign) is about New Jersey issues, " Christie told New Jersey 101.5 FM News Director Eric Scott during a morning interview July 9. "Having Gov. Palin wouldn't do me, or quite frankly the state, a lot of good."

The comments, according to a recording of the interview, come almost a week after Palin announced she would leave the job mid-term citing a host of personal and political reasons.

In addition to the increased media scrutiny since the November election where she ran with U.S. Sen. John McCain, Palin said she felt she could better serve her state and country from outside the governor's office.

"I could just travel around and draw a paycheck, " Palin said during her announcement. "I don't want to put the state through that."

Christie, a former federal prosecutor, is challenging Democratic incumbent, Gov. Jon Corzine.

Corzine, who has suffered low job approval ratings in recent polls, will have President Barack Obama appear at a scheduled Holmdel, NJ Democratic campaign rally July 16, according to the Corzine campaign.

Christie's apparent snub of Palin comes after the Republican National Committee's reported statement that the Alaska governor would likely assist the party in both the New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races.

New Jersey state GOP officials did not respond to requests for comment on the remarks and Christie's campaign did not return calls seeking to verify his comments Friday.

Palin's office refused requests to interview the governor following her announcement last week.

The Democratic National Committee issued a statement calling Palin's behavior "bizarre."

"Either Sarah Palin is leaving the people of Alaska high and dry to pursue her long shot national political ambitions or she's unwilling to do the job now that her popularity has dimmed, " DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse said in a written statement. "Either way - her decision to abandon her post and the people of Alaska who elected her continues a pattern of bizarre behavior that more than anything else may explain the decision she made."

By Charles W. Kim - Award winning journalist from New Jersey.  

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