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With Your Email Sender

If you follow these instructions exactly you will be able to signup people with ease

If you have not received your email sender please email me at and I will send it to you in the reply
message I send to you. That way it won't go into your junk folder.

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Let me first say this once you finish this class you will have learned how to drive
traffic, use autoresponders, build your list and also learn how to build your Team Building Project Business. You will join a couple free businesses that will put you
on your way to making   money within minutes of joining them or at the very
least you will see the potential of making money. You will learn so much in this course that when you are done you should be on your way to making money
everyday of the week. I also know that some people dont have any knowledge
of how to produce signups. That is why I produced this training. So that you
can also be a qualified member.

It works and I stand by it.

Let me also say this. I have used this same proven way to signup over 3000
people to my list. Let me also say this it takes some work but it works.

Let me also say this.  This is a free class however you will have to spend your valued time to learn. It will take some hard work on your part. Now if you have some time to work, then let's get started & also get qualified.

Note: One more thing before we start. If you have already signed up with any of the links or programs in this training or have your own autoresponder you can still take this training. Just use your own autoresponder, your program own links and please use all your own referral links if you already have some of them. One other thing all links in this training opens a new window. That way you can jump from one webpage to another webpage.

First - Signup Here - Signup with both these Free Businesses below.
Team Building Project & People String.  Both businesses are free.

You can Listen
& Watch both programs here - ( Team Building Project and People String )

These businesses are making hundreds of thousands people Money over and over. Follow our team and we will show you how to build your business from the ground floor  within the next two months. Do signup now so we can put all this to work as you signup with these safelists. You can see just by the free information here you are following a team that can get you to that goal of making  a monthly income. Signup right now and get in before we enter a business.

Get your Free Ebooks Here -> do this before step six or

Second - Next go to google and signup for two free gmail email accounts.

First  - This account will be your contact email address.

Second - This account will be your list email address or (junk email account).
                  This email account is where you will receive hundreds of emails

Tip # 1 - This tip has nothing to do with  safelists, autoresponders or building your list. It will also not convert TBP prospect into your very own list members.  But it will get you a few TBP signups this week.

Remember this class is a way to teach TBP members on how to get signups. Later in this class you will see how to convert prospects that leave you their email address into TBP members.  More on that later in this training. 

TBP members - I will now show you why I had you signup with People String. Yes you can make money with people string but the key here is to use people string to get signups into TBP. Now the goal of this class is to teach you how to drive trafic to TBP however you need a list for that. Believe me when I tell you an autoresponder will convert more prospects into TBP members than the tip below. However this will get you a few signups this week. So now you see why People String and TBP work hand in hand. Now here is the tip.

Here is something that you can post on People String to get Team Building Project signups today.  It works and  I have produced signups using this exact message using PeopleString. Go to people string click the friends tab, then click search for the friends link. Now find someone who wants to network and send this message below to them. The message below will get results just by using people string. You can signup here if you did not do so earlier.

Now first make sure you Change the link below to your TBP Link . You can also change (This is SnowBalling right now) if you want but keep the rest of the message just like it reads now. The key here is to get a persons attention with your first few words. You could use (TBP is my Gift to You). Just get the readers attention quickly.

Here is the message to post on PeopleString (below).

This is SnowBalling right now. Everyone wants an honest way to build a business online. We are doing just that in this program. Throw out the way things use to be done with MLM. We prebuild a team. Then we enter a program. Then we make money on day one. Don't wait just Watch Our Video. 

Now back to the safelist class. 

Note: Here is a tip berfore you start.

Third - Signup with these safelist websites below.

Question - what will safe list do for you. Click Here

Now only signup with about ten a day because this will take some work and you don't want to burn yourself out doing this. You only have to do this once and you will be setup to do some real business after doing this. Once you get signed up with all of these safelists your almost there.

Make sure you use the same username and passwords for all safelists when signing up. Also use your gmail contact email address and gmail list email address ( list email address is sometimes called junk mail address) when signing up with all these safelist. Your junk / list email address will get thousands of emails a day.

Note: If you don't signup with all these sites your result will not be anywhere as high as our results.

Send Free Email Daily to Millions - Signup at each link below


Remember this the more safelists you send from each day the bigger your list will grow.

The faster it will grow and the more TBP members you will signup.


Get your Free Ebooks Here -> do this before step six


Fourth - Need Help email me  at


Downlaod this free browser and play with the groups part of it. We will show you how we are going to use your crazy browser.


Now find the safelist that only allow you to post once a week and place them in one group in your crazy browser. Try not to place no more than eight safelists in a group. That way you can see all of the safelist tabs on one screen. After that is done break up the rest of the safelist into seven or eight at a time and create six more groups.


Here is how you can do it.


1. Copy one of the safelist addresses. To do this highlight one of the safelist addresses above. Right click the address and then select copy in the dropdown box. Use your refferal link the safelists give you


2. Now open up your Crazy Browser and right click in the address line and select paste from the drop down box. The safelist address should be now in the address line. Now hit enter to open the safelist. Now leave the the safelist at the login screen.


3. Do step 1 and step 2 seven more time until you have eight different safelist tabs opened on your crazy browser. You should have eight tabs you can now click on.


4. Now that you have eight tabs open click the groups tab at the top of the crazy browser page. From the drop down box select save all pages as a group. Now give your group a file name "something like Monday" , then click save. Now you will have one group named monday with eight safelist in the group. Now e verytime you open the group monday you will open all eight safelists login pages at the same time.


Now do steps 1 through steps 4 over and over until all your safelists are in a group. This will  setup all your safelist login pages into different groups. Make sure you give each group a different name (monday, tuesday and so on ......) .


Next I will show you even more ways to automate your business.


FifthNeed Help email me  at


1. A little tip on earning credits with these safelists. You should be able to open most of your emails in your list email accounts and click on the earn credit link to earn credits. The credits will be anywhere from 10 to 150 credits.


Note: Each credit link is equal to how many people you can send email to when you start sending out mail from your safelist account. 


2. Here is an easier way to earn credits. Always look for credits in your contact email account first. The credits that you will earn in your contact email account is anywhere from 250 to 2000 credits for each clicked link. Normally the credits in your contact email account are ten times what they would be in your list email account. One other thing I only click the safelist links I need credits for. Some of the safelist give you so many credits you wont need to click any of their links for months. So always look for credits in your contact email address first. You will click less and be able to send to more people with your contact email account.



SixNeed Help email me  at


Make sure you signup for a free Autoresponder   Now - You will need a Autoresponder to send your messages to them once they ask you for more information. Get  your FREE account and play with it until you learn it well.

Signup Here -  . If you already have an autoresponder skip this and use your own autoresponder.  Autoresponder setup next section.


Now create some letters for your autoresponder (around nine letters). You will need a splash page setup for your autoresponder. You can get the code within your autoresponder after you create your nine letters. Look for the code in the forms part of your autoresponder. Now copy and paste that code into your splash page. If you need a splash page setup for you send me an email and I will set you one up just like the splash page below.  I will use your code that you email me. Also send me your TBP and PS refferal links so I can put them on your splash page. Also send me the text of the free gift you will be giving away. The text will be put just above your form. You will also need a website so you can use the splash page I build you. However you can purchase hosting and a website or you can take the Quick100 Class and learn how to build your own free websites and splash pages. Click the link below autoresponder setup instructions for more details on how to build your own splash pages and website.


Here is an Example of the splash page.


Autoresponder setup instructions &
Splash page building class Quick 100.


1. Now create some text letters for your TBP/ credit safelist  business venture. Make up at least three of these letters. These letters should be made for sending out to the credit based safelists. Don't make it to long or people won't respond to your venture. Use only one link in your letter, it should be your TBP or People String splash page link. Here is an example of my splash page


Your link signup address looks like this ( or   ) . The links above are my links. You will get your own signup links when you signup with The Team Building Project and People String .


Don't confuse the reader, get to your point fast. If you have something to give them for free do it in these letters.


Make sure you give them something for free or they wont signup.


Here is something FREE you can give them. Also look for other freebies to give them in step #1  or

Again these letters don't have to be long just get to the point fast. The letters can be as short as ten words.


2. Now send out one of your letters on monday to all the safelists above. Then send the next letter on tuesday and the third on wednesday. You will normally get contacts in your autoresponder within the first three hours of sending your letters out to the safelists. Do this for nine straight days. Now write down the results of each day and put it in an excel spread sheet. Once people signup  you will get their email addresses, first name & last name of your signups. Make sure you put all of these names and addresses in your excel spreadsheet. You should be able to see by now the letter that gets the best results. Use the letter that gets the best results until you are no longer getting signups with it. You can also use a tracker to track your results. But that is in another class.


3. You will now have all the email addresses in an autoresponder. You are now setup to respond by email to your signups using your email sender. Highlight the contact email addresses and names you want to email within your autoresponder and copy them into a notepad file. Now using your email sender import these addresses and names into your email sender from your notepad file. If you don't have the emailsender send me an email at

 and please ask for your free email sender. You are now setup to promote any product you want in your email sender.


4. Create an HTML letter rather than a text letter with your email sender. If you don't know how to create an HTML letter a text one will do but HTML letters will get you a lot  more signups. Now send your letter to all your prospects all at once. This will save you a lot of time.


Soon you will be signing up people everyday.


Remember  that your autoresponder is also sending messages to them. So dont go overboard with your messages. I only use the email sender to broadcast to all my members that have requested for more information on TBP.


One quick note most FREE Autoresponders wont allow you to broadcast messages unless you use their paid version. That is why you will want to use the email sender for broadcasting.



Seventh  Automate It


Here is asome free ebook that you can download and give away.


Check out this free guide that will drive traffic to your business! 


Downlod Free Ebook here for free ==> 

Downlod Free Ebook here for free ==>

Eight  Automate It even more - Need Help email me  at


I have shown you how to generate traffic to your TBP site. Not all of your contacts will signup right away. Now you need to let your contacts know you want to help them. Here is something you can give away for free to your contacts to get them to signup for your  Team Building Project opportunity. Once they get this they will be much more likely to signup for your TBP & People String Opportunity. It is free. Also continue to promote your Team Building Project . This is where you will get your leads to build your TBP business. Make sure you signup with The Team Building Project & People String. This is what is going to feed your TBP opportunity . Yes the TBP  payday is the goal .   Remember when TBP takes off you will never need another  program. Your Free Email sender is what will make you money but your autoresponder is what you really need to build your business and convert TBP prospects .


Signup for Team Building Project & People String site right here


FREEGive these away to your prospects.


NINE - Automate It even more -   


Here are Paid services I use to produce even more TBP signups
$10 is all you need to produce even more signups


This is a paid service that I use it to blast my emails out to 2.5 million email addresses everyday. T hat is 96 million emails sent each month.


Click The Link below if you want to blast your your email to 96 million addresses a month.


This is a paid service that I use to blast my emails to Ezines

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Here is another Tool used to drive Massive Website & Link Traffic.

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Here are some scripts tools I use to increase signups from  a website


Ten - Automate It even more -

Here is some free ebooks you can read or give away.
Another FREE book


Eleven -

Here are Other Great Places to Find Traffic for your business.


Click Here to Generate Traffic to your Business


Here is a Paid Business that is great if you want to learn how to build free websites, use free autoresponders and   build free traffic. This is really what you need to sell products online and drive traffic for signups. It also works just like everything in this class.



Twelve  - Businesses links that I use to get TBP signups.


People String , Team Building Project & Quick 100 signup
Another FREE book
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Believe me, this will make you Money Over and Over .
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Most people give up just before
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Get in now secure your Team Building Project Spot

Now that you have learned how to produce some signups in any of your businesses just from taking this classs. I would now like to ask you a return favor signup for
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Thank You, 

Gary Fleck


More instructions to come


Team Building Project & People String  signup linlks -
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Now that you have some signups send your signups here so they can also learn how to produce signups for their Business .