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My Empty Nest Survival Kit

the kids are moving out.These are the years the nest is beginning to empty. Those scrawny little chicks start to drop out, one by one, like the freshman class of a seventies high school. and each time I am left standing in the nest with my head cocked to the side and a look of pure terror on my face. What will happen to these beautiful little babes that I created? will they climb to the top and soar with the eagles? or will a big 'ol chicken hawk swoop in and take them away? I watched them peck their way into the light of this life. I watched them grow from the scrawny little peepers they were into the proud squawkers they've become. And I have sent them out into this world with the hopes that I've managed to give them enough knowledge to muddle through this crazy world and have their life filled with happiness.So now what?

How will I put all the extra time to good use? Here I am, in my forties. It seems like my breasts, and everything else, sag another centimeter each day.My cute little belly has become slightly over inflated. My eyes don't work quite the way they used to. I haven't shaved my legs since the last time I went to a funeral and had to wear a dress. I can't remember, half the time, what I went to get when I've walked into another room to get something. And I am well on my way to being called "The crazy cat lady". It is increasingly harder to convince myself that I shouldn't just sit on the couch and watch TV. My roku streaming player has become my best friend. Well, that and my massage cushion. or pretty much anything that vibrates, but; that is another story.The two previously mentioned items, I have affectionately deemed my Empty Nest Survival Kit. If you don't have these two items in your house, I have to tell you; you have to get them.

I got news for you, folks. Now is my time to rejoice. Sing at the top of my lungs, Jump for joy, and let it all hang out. Do things I have never done before. I know some of you might think you have seen everything in life there is to see but I know it is a massive world and there is always more to see. I want to climb to the top of a mountain. Go hang gliding, sky diving, wind surfing, or just sit on a beach and enjoy a sunset. Whatever it is I have always dreamed of doing, I want to do it. And when I am finished. No matter how many bones I break, I know my Roku will be waiting at home for me. Ready to watch an episode of Bones on Hulu Plus while I recuperate and wait for my next adventure.

So number one in my kit has got to be the Roku streaming player. If you don't have one yet you are able to purchase these in several different varieties, ranging in price from around fifty dollars for the Roku LT to just about a hundred dollars for the Roku 2 XS. You can check out the features available on each version and purchase at

The main alluring component of the Roku 2 XS seems to be the bluetooth remote with motion sensing. For all you gamers out there, this feature is meant to enhance your game playing experience. Similar to a Wii controller it helps you be more interactive with the game you are playing. So this might be a good choice for the younger more game oriented crowd. My personal interests steer more away from the video games, and toward the Roku's streaming abilities. So my Roku 2 XD is suitable for my needs. I still have access to games like You Don't know Jack and Video Poker that I can play with my infrared remote and are familiar to people of my generation.

The Roku streaming players offer hundreds of channels for your viewing enjoyment. There are a wide variety of free channels that, honestly, require a little picking and choosing. However they also give you the option of purchasing paid channels. My personal preference is Hulu Plus. You can check out the content and sign up at Then go to the channel store on your Roku player. There Roku supplies instructions for setting up your new channel. Hulu Plus offers access to today's broadcast TV as wells as some long forgotten classics and a limited movie selection for a low monthly fee. However, if you are more of a movie buff I recommend Netflix, you can sign up at and, just like with Hulu Plus go to Roku's Channel store for more instructions on setting up.. These are both around the same price. The decision is just a matter of the content you desire.

If music is more your thing, you should give Pandora a try on your new Roku. When you input your favorite songs or musical artists this program will create a channel that will play music related to your input. You can create an account here and link to your Roku in the manner previously described. The account is free but you will have to endure some advertisement. However, there is an optional upgrade available, for a yearly fee, that is ad free. I have created many channels on here and find it quite convenient for playing music when I am working around the house. So, in all, my Roku 2 ranks the number one necessity in my Empty Nest Survival Kit.

The second item in my little kit is the Homedics MCS-200H Shiatsu Massage Cushion.Conveniently available through Amazon for delivery to your door. This massage cushion will set your senses on fire. You will feel like you've spent a day at the spa after ten minutes with this little baby. If you don't have one yet you can purchase online at Then, sit back, grab your remote and let these magical, mechanical fingers go to work. They will melt your stress away. And I find that about anything I decide to watch on my Roku is complimented perfectly by this little gadget.

I hope you will take advantage of my little survival kit, now that I have given you the tools. I have found that it really helps me to get rid of those empty nest blues.

By Kristin Edwards - I am a hard working mother of three grown sons. I have a wonderful family. But now that two out of three of my sons have moved out, I find myself with a lot of spare time. I love writing and hope that my wor...  

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