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What to Include in Your Maid of Honor Speech

Wedding Speeches Father Of The BrideTradition holds that the Maid of Honor is always a treasured role in a wedding. It can be the sister, a cousin and often times it is the bosom friend of the bride. It is enough trouble to mother over the bride over the days leading to the wedding. You can pick up after her, you can be the shoulder to cry on and more importantly you can be the rock she can lean on when stress falls upon her. wedding Speeches Father Of The Bride

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Public speaking in general is one of the greatest fears of man. But anyone can compose and deliver an excellent speech aided by the right tools. Knowing what to include in your speech is key to the composition but its delivery makes the prose into poetry.

The Maid's speech has a different structure from the Best Man. His is often meant to roast or to humiliate before any praise is given. It is often a recollection of how he was chosen for the role and recounts the many adventures they had during a certain period in their life.

This speech mainly has to praise and put attention to the bride. The choice of delivering it unrehearsed or read from a draft requires almost the same effort. But the chances of the former, becoming more prodigious than the latter is slim at most.

The prominent parts of the body of the speech generally covers the following items:

Time & Humor

A timeline of how long you have known the bride mixed with funny anecdotes during the shared time. Were you sorority sisters and the lollipop girls living next door? Were you part of a varsity or co-workers in some firm? was she the doting or terrorizing sister but still wished to grow up to be just like? Hone on one and speak with a smile.


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Small Imperfections

Try not to overshadow the ego of the men but do continue with the queer mannerism or habit that the bride has. Share a time when this caused an embarrassment to both of you or if she was reprimanded by an authority for such a feat. Then round it up with how the groom will now have to live with it for eternity and beyond. Maid Of Honor Speeches.

The Match

Write about the time the bride was just entertaining this groom as a suitor. It's sure to be a lively insight on first impressions and many awkward moments for the couple.


Round it up how people are so imperfect but as a couple sitting at the head of the table right seem so perfect for each other. The best man's speech often forgets to praise the bride, pay him the favor of inclusion. wedding Speeches Father Of The Bride.


Ninety-nine percent of the time a family is sprung right after the union so say a prayer for hope, health and happiness and beseech God for these blessings while engaging on this new phase of life. You may choose not to go too heavy on this part if the couple or the families are not too religious. Maid Of Honor Speeches.


Then close the speech with your best advice or offer a piece of wisdom that has been seemingly passed on from generation to generation. Wedding Speeches Father Of The Bride.

Now you have the proper parts in your speech, but never forget that proper gesturing or the use of your hands will compliment your delivery very well. Be eloquent, deep and sufficiently concise. Most importantly, do not forget to find your glass filled and offer a toast to the happy couple while mentioning their names. Cheers!


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Maid of honor speech

If you're seeking the simplest way to prepare one of your own Maid of Honor speech (or Matron of Honor speeches), then I'm thrilled you came across this site and I strongly recommend you keep reading?

I discovered a Maid of Honor speech is easy and unforgettable if done right.

Because this is my uncensored account. The ups, the downs, just what things did not work and finally the one particular thing that did assist me to realize my goal of giving a wedding speech that would leave everybody in the audience speechless.

My Day of Judgment was looming ever nearer as my sister's wedding and reception approached.

The joyous occasion which her big day should?ve represented ended up being severely marred by the stress and anxiety and stage fright that I was having to deal with over a trivial technicality and custom that?s carried out countless times annually by women of all ages around the globe: the scary Maid of Honor speech.

When my sister initially approached me about being her Maid of Honor speech , I was extremely ecstatic! It is a rare gift to honor a loved one?s marriage and commemorate the life the happy couple will enjoy alongside one another with a speech.

I understood that my sister was showing her esteem for me by offering such a big role in her big day.

I was seriously flattered?until I actually started trying to write it. I remember thinking to myself, How do all those other Maid of Honor speech end up getting prepared so simply by everyone else??

I had to face reality. I was not able to come up with the Maid of Honor speech which I knew my sister deserved and as the days rushed by I grew more and more anxious about how the speech would go.

I had been thinking about cancelling my speech when I stumbled across a book which helped me write the ideal Maid of Honor speech for my sister?in under one hour!

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After the hours I spent stumped by what I wanted to say and how I desired to express it, this guide showed me exactly how to arrange my speech into a memorable one that everyone, and most especially my sister, loved.

The publication which assisted me, simply called Maid Of Honor Speech, is actually a step-by-step tutorial that concentrates on the development of your speech while also providing several examples of sample speeches, and also toasts.

These samples helped give me the self confidence to express my thoughts and feelings into a speech worthy of my sister's wedding and reception.

The step-by-step guide's most helpful feature for me was the sample funny, yet heart warming sample speeches which are furnished. The package includes in excess of 20, although inspiration struck me after I read a particular one that I thought was created for my sister and her spouse.

Our situation was virtually mirrored in the sample speech, which made it that much simpler to come up with my own. The package also included in excess of 100 toasts.

In all honesty, I took one of the toasts word for word and everyone really enjoyed it!

Also, the package comes with excellent one-line jokes; I only used a few but the ones I used fit very nicely into my speech as a whole and kept everyone laughing while not detracting from the seriousness of my speech.

Furthermore, the package provided quotations and poems which I drew from. All of these sources were well prepared by the guide and helped me create a Maid of Honor speech which my sister will forever remember.

With the self-assurance, etiquette, and speech that Maid of Honor Speech helped me obtain, my sister and I became that much closer. Midway through my speech she started to cry, and I've never seen more joyrful tears in all my life.

From my experience, I would highly recommend Maid of Honor Speeches to anybody who is looking forward to presenting probably the most unforgettable Maid of Honor speeches possible, on someone's special day.


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Here are a few sample free Maid of Honor speeches

  • Maid of Honor Speech 1 - Sisters (Close)

    Two peas in a pod. Thick as thieves. Tight knit. Close as close can be. Of all the terms and clichés that describe our relationships, I think the word sister says it best. If Dad tickled me, you would laugh. If Mom feed you chili, I would throw it up. When I scraped my knee, you needed a bandage too. When you felt happy, it made me smile. And when you got married today I cried tears of joy with you. Because that is what it means to be a sister.

    How wonderful it is to see that you found the perfect man for you. I was proud to stand by your side when you said I do. You took a big step towards your future today, and, in turn, gave me the gift of a new brother. The fun times we shared during your engagement and the happiness of this day bring us even closer together. So now when Dad tickles me, you will still laugh and (groom) may wonder what you are up to. If you eat Mom's chili, I may get heartburn too. And if either one of us is in pain, we will always be there to comfort each other.
    Congratulations to my playmate, my confidant, my sister, my friend.

  • Maid of Honor Speech 2 - To Big Sister

    To my big sister (bride); you were always there to lead the way for me. When we were little girls, you taught me how to make mud pies and kept me from eating them. You stuck up for me when I was bullied on the playground. You showed my around on my first day of school and helped me with my homework.

    You taught me how to put on makeup and paint my nails. You showed me how to dance and kiss boys and all the other cool things you learned from your teen magazines. You covered for me when I came in late from a date and counseled me through my first crush.

    Even when you went away to school, you were still looking out for me; forsaking sleep or class or parties to take my calls and traveling many miles to be home for my birthday. And today you are still leading the way; shining a light on the path of love and marriage, showing me how its done and, sometimes, what not to do.

    As you begin this new chapter in your life, I will still look to you for guidance because you helped me get this far. How blessed I am to have a big sister like you!

  • Maid of Honor Speech 3 - To Little Sister
    When you were first born, Mom told me I adored you. She said I wanted to hold you and feed you and kiss you every chance I got. Mom said I couldn't take me eyes off you. Then we got a little older and you started to annoyed me. I couldn't go anywhere without taking you along. If you cried, I got the blame. If we were fighting, I had to give in first. Sometimes I wondered why we couldn't just get rid of you. Mom and Dad laughed when I suggested we just leave you at church or in a restaurant.

    Then we got a little older and I was grateful we didn't leave you behind. You started to come in handy and didn?t annoy me as much. You were good for playing Barbies and board games. You would eat almost anything to impress my friends during a sleepover. I could practice putting my makeup on you. I even liked it when you would come into my room and sit with me when I was sad, even though I told you to go away.

    Then we got a little older and I missed you while I was in college. I was actually excited to see you on holidays and during the summer. I liked talking about classes and boyfriends and politics and how to get more spending money out of Mom and Dad.

    Yes, I'm glad we kept you. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to share in the excitement of your engagement, the silly games we played at your bridal shower, and all the laughter during your bachelorette party. I would not have been able to watch you marry (groom) today and celebrate with both of you at this wonderful party. Congratulations little sis, and thank you Mom and Dad for not listening to me all those years ago.

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