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15 Things I Wish I Knew In High School

Learn German Language15 Things that I know now, but wish I knew back when...

1. I miss my friends. I have been out of High school for 8 years now, and I have lost contact with everyone I knew back then, except about three people. I don't even talk to them everyday, more like a few times a month, if that. We have all changed, but since we don't really keep in touch, it's like they're complete strangers. I don't know what's going on in their lives, and they don't know about mine. Friends are important, and I wish I reminded myself to not lose touch, not even for a moment.

2. Education is important. I was too busy goofing off, passing notes, or just straight ignoring my teachers. There's so much more that High School teaches, besides just social skills. Popularity in High School, gets you no where in the future, knowledge does. That's what will help you get the best career for you.

3. Bad habits are hard to break, and just plain NOT worth it. Smoking, drinking, drugs, even attitude and rudeness, all of which started in High school and had to end before entering the fast paced world of going solo. These might have seemed "fun" or "carefree" at the time, but could also become addicting, no good comes from it. These can ruin your health, ruin your social status, and even your life. So what's the point? Not worth it.

4. Money is to be saved, not spent. I spent money just as fast as I got it. It wouldn't last but twenty minutes in my pocket, before I was handing it over the counter to buy something useless. Which will just end up in the back of my closet in a day, not to be touched again till I throw it out. All that money that I was given by my parents for "spending money" should have been saved up to go for something important, perhaps to help towards college.

5. Parents do understand, and they are there for you. There have been times when something would go wrong, but I wouldn't tell my parents. I tried to handle everything myself. Let's face it, they're not kids anymore, they wouldn't understand, right? Wrong, they were kids once too, and although it was a different time, high school really hasn't changed, has it? Something that everyone should know early in life, that your parents really are you best friends. They are your family, and they will be the ones to come running when you need them, no matter the cause.

6. Join the activities, and after school clubs. I feel like I didn't get the full high school experience, I wasn't part of any clubs or groups. Most schools offer quite a few different social/talent groups, I never really looked into any of these, I wasn't much of an overachiever. I do regret not even trying to take part though.

7. Fuel what drives you. It's never too early to start on your favorite hobbies and activities, in fact, it's probably best that you do begin as early as possible. Whether it's writing, illustrating, sculpting, pursuing a music career, or even learning a new language. All these are easiest when you're not the one working 40 hours or the one paying the bills, and you have your family all around you, motivating you. I started writing before I began high school, but I didn't keep with it. Although I do write now, it's not nearly like I use to. What was so simple back then, I'm finding difficult now. I have quite a few distractions now (a family, a two year old, a dog, money issues) that I didn't have back then.

8. learn a language. I did take a basic course in Spanish, and it was fun, but not enough to speak fluently everyday. Spanish and French are offered in high school, if you listen and take the time to learn it, you can become fluent. Having these skills will help you in the long run, especially when it comes to landing a great career. Because I didn't pay attention back then, I'm having to teach myself now with self learning books. Or I could pay for language classes at local colleges, but why pay now when I could have got it back then, for free?

9. Get over it. My attitude back then was, "I just don't care, and you can't make me learn". At the time, I really didn't care, but if I still didn't care, would I be writing this article right now? I do wish I cared back then, more about my friends, about studying, about my teachers that show up everyday just to teach kids that may or may not want to learn. And the teachers were great, they try everything they can to get you to listen, but in the end, it's always up to the student.

10. Dating didn't mean that guys were "throwaways". Back then I changed boyfriends as much as I changed clothes, not because I disliked/liked them, just because I could. About the only person's feelings I cared about, was my own. I didn't have a real relationship until after I had left high school.

11. Take nothing and no one for granted. I took advantage of people, and I took everything for granted. I wish I didn't, it wasn't fair to them, and not something that helps me in anyway.

12. It's not the end of the world. Something that seems the most important thing ever, really isn't. There is life after high school.

13. Standing up for myself. Everyone gets picked on, high school is the worst for this. There were times that I was made fun of, and I pretended to not care by just ignoring it. I was one of the lucky ones that this only happened a few times, but there are some out there that this happens daily for them. If something like that happens to me now, I wouldn't take it, I would speak up and make sure I'm heard. I'm not sure why I didn't back then.

14. Waiting is better than settling. Innocence and purity isn't something you should just give to the first willing person just because you think you're ready. Or because everyone else is doing it. Waiting for someone that means the world to you, being certain that you can live your life for this someone will make it all the more special. You never forget your first, and it's not something you should regret. So waiting really is better.

15. Keep the memories. Photographs, journals, and yearbooks, I didn't keep any of these, and I wish I had. High school doesn't last forever, but memories can. I was busy with "life after school" that I didn't have the time to call friends and chat about the fun things we use to get into. And now, besides the few times we talk, I don't really have anything to remember all of it by.

I know there were more fun times than not, I just wish I knew back then what I know now.

By BJ Rees - BJ Rees is a mother of one, and soon to be pregnant with another (so she hopes!). She is in her mid-twenties, well educated, and has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge! Her favorite past-times include play...  

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