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Get Higher Grades Now: 9 Tips To Improve Your Grades In College

How To Improve High School GradesYou can get higher grades in college if you're willing to put forth the effort. It isn't always easy to get straight A's in school when you have so many other things going on in your life but with a little planning and work you can improve your grades dramatically and say goodbye to cramming for exams forever.

1. Attend Class

I know that at 9 AM you would rather be in your bed sleeping the day away than sitting in class and listening to some boring lecture. However, in order to improve you grades you need constant focus on what your goals are. by attending class each time you allow yourself to be reminded of the material and get information on upcoming assignments. Sometimes the schedules of projects change and you will need to know what the new due date is. Also, some professors will give out in class assignments that all totaled at the end of a semester can drop you a whole letter grade. If you don't like mornings then take afternoon classes or just make yourself get up out of bed.

2. Take Classes You Like

Not all classes that are required for your major are fun, in fact some of them are down right brutal. But you can have the option of taking other classes within your field of study or electives that you find enjoyable. You are more willing to devote time towards studying material if it is intellectually stimulating to you. If you are a freshman or undecided towards a major take a few classes each semester that are appealing to you and help move you in the right direction.

3. Know Your Deadlines

Every professor that I have ever had has given out a syllabus during the first week of school. While some are more detailed than others most of them tell you exactly what to expect to study a some point during the semester. If you know what to expect stop procrastinating on assignments and get them done earlier. For example, if you have a problem set due a week from now why not start today and do a few problems each night until you have it complete. Not only will you not have to rush on the assignment but you'll understand the material better and hence push your grade higher up.

4. Study in Smaller Time Periods

When you look at your calendar and see that you have an exam in three weeks don't treat it as if you can keep putting it off to the very last minute and expect to do well. Set aside some time each day for that class and study key concepts bit by bit and maybe increase the amount of time that you spend studying each day before the exam. Don't study six hours the night before a test because you won't remember much of it at all but with smaller bits of information you can really allow yourself to understand and when test time comes you'll have a better grade for it.

5. Get on a Schedule

Doing something as simple as planning out your day and knowing what time you will wake up each morning can have a dramatic effect on how much you get done. Wake up at a set time each morning and make a list of what you need to accomplish and about how long each task is going to take. Don't plan on studying three hours one night if you have tons of errands to run and are planning to hang out with friends. You could try to scale back the amount of time or wake up earlier and get it out of the way first thing. Getting higher grades in classes has nothing to do with luck and everything with how well you organize and use your time each day.

6. Study in Groups

Study Groups not only help you learn material better but it also gives you a chance to meet people in your class who want to work just as hard as you. Having other people that you can study with helps keep you focused and gives you another time in your schedule that you know you won't be wasting on something else. Also, studying in groups can allow you to teach other the parts of the course in which you do well and if you can successfully teach something to a group you are far more likely to remember it.

7. Take Better Notes

Don't go to class and just sit there staring at the clock. Be proactive and take detailed notes about what your professor is saying. The book can help supplement what you learn in class but the instructor will focus on the concepts that are most important and that will be on the test. Forcing yourself to take notes means that you will be paying attention the whole time and not have your mind wandering on other things.

8. Study Guides before Exams

If you are lucky you will get a professor that makes up a study guide before tests and exams. However, when you are not so lucky you can still make them up yourself and have something to look over before a test. Go through the chapters of material, your notes, or any homework problems that you may have been given this will serve as your question base. Write down key concepts and try to make up questions for each of them so that you understand the material inside and out.

9. Study After Class

If you have time after your class or after your other classes are complete go back over the day's topics in order to reinforce them in your memory. Look over the notes that you wrote down in class a few times and then open the textbook and read over that section once. It won't take you longer than a half an hour and most cases and it will be easier to recall in your memory thereafter.

Most people that want good grades in school usually never put forth the effort or come up with an effective plan to do so. Using just these nine tips you will see an improvement in your grades the way I have since I started to. Remember that at times you won't want to do anything and you may become discouraged but to keep moving forward because the semester will be over soon and you will have the good grades that you earned.

By Larry Cooder - My website about personal development and fitness.  

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