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How To Make Extra Money Through These 7 Home Based Business Opportunities

Direct sales sometimes brings up images of people trying to get you to buy a bunch of inferior stuff through lame parties and recruiting you as a consultant. However, there are some real home based business opportunities which are really easy money making ideas that don't take a lot of skill. These aren't just opportunities for women they are also money making ideas for men.

the key to selling any product at all is being enthusiastic about the product and telling others about it. When you believe in something it's easy to sell. Each of the companies in the list have a free training program and ongoing consultant support.

Below is a list of direct selling companies which I've personally researched and recommend. I like their products as well as their low start up costs.

PartyLite, Inc.

This company's consultants can start with no money down and get a kit worth $350 and you book six parties in two weeks during training. If you've got a few friends who have a few friends, you can use that network to get people to host these parties for you. I've not only attended PartyLite parties, I've also bought the products and they are great. I really like the fun of getting together as well as looking at all the great stuff. Products are a little expensive for customers but they are worth it because they are excellent quality. I'd buy this again!

Avon, Inc.

What's cool about Avon is everybody knows it and commercials run all the time. The company offers new consultants a $10 start up cost which gives you a few books to put out on counters or pass out to friends. I've seen Avon books at little convenience stores, laundromats, libraries, in doctor's offices - pretty much anywhere people would be. When I was young in high school I sold Avon to my friends at school through books. In the old days you need to have the start up kit. Now everybody knows the products so it's just a matter of passing out the books and taking orders. That's what I did and it earned me some great money.

Longaberger Baskets

This is the ultimate basket company and they know it. With a solid reputation and a building shaped like a basket, if you haven't heard of Longaberger, all I can say is where have you been! Some people are just crazy about baskets and through hosted parties, consultants have a great time demonstrating the company's products. Consultant starter kits range from the as little as $19 to the most expensive at $329.

Princess House

Beautiful crystal and excellent quality kitchen and housewares are the products Princess House sells through Independent Consultants. Starter kits range from $25 to $139 for new sales people. I've been to several Princess House parties when all the had was crystal. The demonstrations were just gorgeous and many people now collect their pieces. With their product expansion, the company has given consultants more to work with expanding their earn extra money on the side.

Tupperware, Inc.

Still a good ole staple, Tupperware is in the top for home based business opportunities. Everyone knows this company and most people have some type of Tupperware product in their home. Starting kits range from $79.99 - $119.99. People demonstrate products at trade shows, in-home parties and host online parties to generate sales. With new colors and items coming out per season, consultants have different ways to earn money.

Pampered Chef, Ltd.

The fun thing about Pampered Chef is it's a get together with your friends and you make and eat food. The consultant usually fixes some great dishes for everyone to try (like a gourmet party) and teaches everyone how to cook something with the Pampered Chef products. Both women and men are invited to the in-home show and it's a great time for everyone. When you get the couple involved, sales can be even easier. If you're really into cooking, this is a great way to earn extra money. Start up ranges from $80 for the basic kit to $155 for their Executive kit.

Silpada, Inc.

This jewelry company was started by a couple of friends who had no way to sell their items except through home parties. Once they started hosting in-home parties of their own product, they noticed this was a great opportunity for others to earn extra money. This Silpada was born in Kansas. I've been to two of these parties and they are so laid back and fun. You try on the jewelry and can order from the catalog at the party. There's food, music and little wine while everyone tries on what they like. There was no sales presentation really, just here it is - try it on and I'll be around in a bit to see what you want. That was it - short and sweet. I liked it because there was no pressure although I did buy some really cute earrings for my daughter. Start up is $199 for the kit and still a very reasonable price!

April LaJune is the author of, a blog about money making ideas, how to earn extra money, job scams and best ways to save money.

By April LaJune - April is a professional journalist and musician working in newspaper, radio and television. Lead singer of LaJune, she is a member of the Nashville Songwriter's Association, has been a featured writer in Lla...  

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