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Musical Instruments Made From Household Recycled Items

Used Musical InstrumentsThis article is about how to make musical instruments that our ancestors created and graciously handed down to us so that we would learn to be thrifty. they taught us to entertain ourselves by creatively using what we had around the house and yard to dream up arts and crafts. Our great times in life of ancestor's greatest wisdom's of use what you have, and . "Waste not want not". Using our imagination, patience, and hands for making household decorations, musical instruments, and reuseable cratts. the following musical instruments are made from emply clean cans that have had lids and sharp edges carefully removed, Be sure the containers that you use are safe, clean, and sturdy and assist children and adults so that no one gets cut using , aluminum, or other sharp edged containers , scissors or snips.

Coffee Can Drums

1). first step in making drums is to find cans that match the size of drum you wish to create.

2. Safety comes first so put on heavy duty gloves and comforable clothes. Gather your materials coffee cans, soup and vegetable cans, screws, screw driver, wretch or tin snips, safety gloves, sturdy tape, old strong long shoe laces, heavy leather type material. Clean, dry and secure the edges and top of your emplty coffee can. Before beginning to make your drum you must carefully wash out and dry can well, safely secure all sharp edge tops and edges on the can by bending edges down inside the can with pliers or wrench and then cover any sharp edges with sturdy tapes such as electric or heavy guage vinyl tapes.

3. After your can's sharp edges are secure carefully put metal or heavy duty screws around the outside of the coffee can spacing them 3 to 4 inches down and 1-2 inches apart. Be sure to punch from the outside of the can to the inside so that the heads of the screws are on the outside and the sharp pointed end of the screws are inside your can.

4. Next you will need to measure strong material, such the strength of leather, to cover the entire circumference of top of can and down all sides so that material matches the screw levels on the can.Now poke holes in this heavy gauge leather and attach material over the top of your screw heads that you have already put into sides of your coffee can. Next you will need very strong shoe laces to hold the strong leather fabric very tightly onto the drum coffee can. The strong leather strength material must fit snuckly tight and firm over the screw heads you have drilled into your drum coffee can.

5. Ttightly secure your small punched holes in heavy leather type material over the heads of the screws on outside of your drum coffee can. Then tightly string your heavy duty shoelaces around the screw head. Continuing stringing laces through material and around screw heads around your entire drum coffee can. Be sure and tie a tight knot in the shoe lace on each screw head and secured hole in materail so that it stays in place when you tap the top of your drum coffee can. If your material is loose on top or sides of your drum coffee can it will not have good sound and won't be secured in place. .

Summary: CoffeeCan Drum :Top is covered with Leather Strength Fabric held secure with Heavy Duty shoe lace placed into holes in bottom of fabric and then wrapped around screw heads that are around all of the drum coffee can. Be sure to tie knots in all of the shoe lace wrap in fabric and around screws heads in your coffee can drum. You can use small spatual's, chop sticks, rulers, or wooden spoons, as your drum sticks. Make sure all the edges can and choice of drum stickes are smoothed off so they do not poke a hole in your leather strength material on top of your coffee can.

Stringed Can Musical Instruments

First step is to decide what size stringed canned music you want For example if you use a soup can it will have to be held and played different than if you use a size 202 sauce can :) Our String Can musical instrument for this article will be ordinary pull tab cans; they are easiest and safest to make and play. Next get some long heavy gauge guitar string that will fit through two cans with about a foot or so of sting hanging from one can to the other. Supplies needed are your choice of cans to use with tops safely removed and smoothed sharp edges, and strong guitar strings of your choice

1). Safely remove the pull tab soup or vegetable can lid, remove or keep on the product label picture, wash out your can emptying all food contents out, and dry can inside and out real good. After your guitar can is made you can use your favorite photo, adhesive paper, wall paper, or even window film to decorate it with your favorite colors.

2). Poke a hold in the bottom of your can so a sturdy guitar string will fit in the hole, tie a knot in the end of your guitar string so it will stay put on the outside of the can bottom. Now pull your guitar string through the second can open top to the bottom of the next can and tie in a secure knot. Now you should have two cans with only the top lid off and have one guitar string knot tied in the end of one can and stretched through the other can's open lid and tied at the bottom of the second can. It will remind you of the string cans we used as imaginary telephones back in the good ole days.

3). Now adjust your guitar string that is connected to both cans so that when you put one can under your armpit to hold it tight and the other can in your hand that the guitar string is tight enough to produce good twanging. You might have to try several positions in order to hold the can and pluck the guitar string at the same time.

Thank you for reading our article about Old Tyme Musical Instruments made from cans that are recycled. Be careful and remember to smooth off and tape down any sharp edges. Please leave this writer messages on questions and how your Arts and Crafts Home Living Musical Instruments worked out for you. Have fun use your imagination and have a happy safe hobby creating time.

By Annamarie - Author, storyteller grassroots mountain artist, ole tyme cook, melungeon and multiculural ancestry, genealogy, human and organizational development trainer, and college instructor.  

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