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You'll find gazebo design and construction plans both online and at major home improvement stores. Online gazebo plans are typically free of charge and require legal size printer paper be used. In addition, kits are available in various sizes for the do-it-yourselfer, with hardware and wood included in some models. Before purchasing a gazebo building kit, you should read carefully the list of included items, and be aware of any technical assistance policies.

The internet is a limitless resource for finding gazebo plans. Novice builders may want to print the desired plan, and review the tools and skills needed with a hardware store staff member to gauge difficulty and related expenses.

The Amish Country Gazebo Company offers a free color catalog and instruction DVD to potential customers. The company sells a fully inclusive kit, with delivery included in the purchase cost. Gazebo plans are available for both residential and commercial quality structures. Amish Country gazebos also features a "Design Your Own Gazebo" option, with downloadable software to walk you through the process. The catalog includes a price guide, which is not available through the company website.

The Summerwood Products Company also offers gazebo plan kits and video tours of completed projects. Sample plans are viewable free of charge from the company website. A "Design Your Own Gazebo" feature is also available on the company homepage. You can purchase kits pre-cut or pre-assembled. Prices on pre-cut gazebo kits range from $1, 795 to $7, 895.

You can visit the HGTV website and print gazebo plans and decorating tips free of charge. The DIY network sites also feature free project plans, which you can print. The Real Cedar Company offers a free product catalog and gazebo kits. You can print gazebo plans at no cost from Plans need to be printed on legal-size paper. They include construction information, as well.

You can download still more free gazebo plans from These plans include basic instructions and an online forum to assist builders. Free gazebo plans for garden, hot tub and basic residential gazebos are available at bluegrass You'll also find additional information for lighting and landscaping around a completed structure.

Free gazebo plans are available at You can find and print gazebo plans, along with an instruction and supply guide, at as well. Plans are geared to novice builders, with additional information on where to purchase supplies included.

Gazebo plans are available for free download at Plans for small to large residential gazebos can be printed on legal size paper. An instruction guide and online assistance are included with downloads.

Free gazebo plans and site preparation information can be found without charge on Information regarding manufacturers, builders and gazebo plant options are also readily available here.The Build Eazy website offers more than 100 free gazebo plans with instruction guides. An online forum and article directory serves novice builders and aids in design style choices and site preparation.

Another source for free gazebo plans is the Family Home Plans Designs for Better Living website. This site also offers soil and site preparation guidance, wood and vinyl siding information, and other advice. Manufacturing companies also offer special discounts to subscribers of this free do-it-yourself website

Gazebo Kit Construction Gazebo plans kits offers the simplest instructions, and provide multiple photos to aid builders. A novice builder who can calculate square footage, and physically handle power tools can complete such a project. The wood needed for gazebo kit can be purchased pre-cut, making the kit more expensive, but easier to assemble.

The size of the gazebo will dictate the amount of time needed to complete the kit. Nearly all kits offer photos and descriptions of tools, and hardware needed to complete the project. Sorting the hardware, such as screws, brackets, and bolts prior to starting the project will insure all required materials are present.

Gazebo kits require basic knowldege of construction techniques, but can be accomplished successfully by reasonably skilled novice builders.

Understanding Gazebo Plans The larger the gazebo project, the more detailed the construction plans. Plans are designed to guide builders with at least a elementary knowledge of building skills. Reading the plans will require an understanding of board cutting tools, leveling, and use of tools necessary for construction.

Power tools are required for the cutting of wood for flooring, and post supports. This aspect of gazebo construction is the most important, because all other steps build upon the installation of a floor, and support for a roof.

The roof of the gazebo will require use of shinlges, tiles, or other waterproof material decided upon in advance of project construction. An expert builder in not required for the roof process, but attention to detail, and testing of the roof for leaks is an extremely important aspect of the process.

Site preparation should be considered in advance of searching for gazebo plans. Some areas require permits, and place limit on size of structures added to a property. A level site, and post holes will be the building blocks for a successful gazebo project. The geographical nature of an area, such as flooding, or storm water run-off can derail a project.

Novice builders should consider hiring a professional to aid in the site preparation responsibilities.

Design Your Own Gazebo Designing the shape and style of a gazebo can be accomplished by purchasing software, or utilizing a webiste which offer such a service. The design process allows greater creativity than purchasing a stock model plan, but requires both computer and advanced building knowledge.

A website software wizart program guides a designer through the process in the simpliest manner. But, determining square footage, and awareness of the site for installation will have to be factored into the process. Plans for a self-designed gazebo are not more difficult than stock gazebo plans.

The websites noted as resources in this article offer free design assistance, and technical support via email, or phone communication.

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