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How To Make Money With FaceBook Applications

Facebook is undoubtedly a very popular social networking site. If you have a lot of friends in your network, why not use it to your advantage and make money with Facebook applications? Wouldn't it be a great idea to make money from something that you already do every day?

the next time you log into your Facebook account, here are some applications you can use to make money right off of your Facebook profile.

CafePress - this is a Facebook application that almost everyone has heard of. CafePress lets people sell items right off of their Facebook profile. Similar to eBay and other sites where you can sell items, the items you are selling will be displayed on your profile.

eBay - If you are active eBay seller, you can showcase what you're selling on eBay into your Facebook profile so that you can attract more buyers. Show what's in your eBay online store right from your Facebook profile.

Music Blaster - this is another Facebook application wherein you can promote musicians from your Facebook profile. What do you get for advertising these musicians? You get a 5% commission from the sale of their music. It's pretty great because you really don't do anything and still get commissions.

My Merch Store - are you one of those who are always thinking of great designs for shirts but don't have the ways and means to design it? Well, this application lets you design your own shirts, mugs, and just about any product you can think of. Zazzle will make your product on demand, and you earn money when someone buys a design of yours. Pretty cool, huh?

Shopit - if you recently bought a digital camera and someone gives you the exact same digital camera as a gift, what do you do? Use the Facebook application Shopit and start creating an online store you can showcase your items!

There are actually a lot of ways you can make money using Facebook. These applications are the most popular ones that people can use to make money from Facebook. If you are into developing games or have a knack for fixing bugs in games, you can also work as a application developer and earn a lot more. Just think - wouldn't it be a great idea to start making money from a site you regularly log into already? It's like making money from something you already do.

Article Resource: Leslie Bautista

By Skyler Raine - Freelance journalist  

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