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How To Use Twitter For Your Small Business

Small business owners are responsible for making, marketing and selling their own product or service. Often times, they seek an adviser to review their business plan and offer advice on how to grow and increase their revenue. One of the key things to review in a business plan is a company's current marketing strategy.It is a fact that small business owners are busy and have a hard time taking advantage of all the tools available today to market their business. The common thread among this group is that they have a general understanding on how to market their product or service offline. This usually starts with word-of-mouth marketing, which is through referrals.Placing an ad in the local paper, or print and mail post cards. All great, offline marketing strategies, but when we discuss their online marketing strategies, often times they state that they have a website. They equate having a website to their online strategy.

In a recent conversation with a small business owner, we were discussing the importance of incorporating Twitter as part of their online strategy. This business owner, already had a website, knew Twitter and Facebook, however, had no clue as to how to incorporate his website or when to communicate in the social media world. This prompted me to create a chart that provides the similarities between offline and online marketing.

The first step in understanding how to market your business offline versus online, one needs to understand exactly what they are marketing. In this example, the customer needs to understand that they are marketing their website. As a business owner you spend a lot of time and money creating a website. This website, provides a detail description of who you are, and what services you offer. Now What? I tell my customers, that they have to think of their website as a BIG EVENT. Sort of like a engagement ring, or wedding.

The second step is to invite everyone to your big event, to the party. Inviting one to your party takes time.

The following chart outlines how you can invite someone to visit your website, both online and offline.


Name: Offline - First & Last Name Online - Domain Name (ex: wwwyourfirst&

Address: Offline - Physical Address Online - URL Address (ex. http://your first & lastname .com)

Invitation: Offline - Invitation Details Online - Landing Page that includes Domain Name & URL

address & details.

RSVP: Offline - by Phone, Reply CardOnline - Post Facebook, Twitter, Other Social Media

Reminders: Offline-Follow Up Phone Call Online - Tweets on Twitter

Follow Up: Offline - Thank You Cards Online - Blogs, Tweets, Post on Face Book

Friends: Offline - 100 Friends Online - 100 Twitter Following, plus 100 of their friends Twitter.

Twitter is an important component to the invitation process of your website or big event. As shown above, it is a tool you can use to communicate, invite and follow up during your big event. Once they understand this process, the next common thread that I find is the complaint. I don't have the time to do all this tweeting. My recommendation is hire someone because every day lost is revenue thrown away.

By Ivonne Ortiz - A business professional with over 30 year experience in Banking, Small Business, Marketing/SEO. A writer of articles and Poems.  

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