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How To Make Money From Your Blog

A lot of people are interested in starting a blog to make money online. It can be very difficult to get the income stream started though! the best thing you can do is really devote some time to your blog and do some research on a few important things.1. What will your blog be about? A good blog needs content so you should find something you like to write about. Try to write posts at least twice a week and soon you will have a good amount of content for your readers.2. How will you get traffic? This is one of the hardest things to do. You need traffic to make money from your blog. You should submit your link to google and other search engines, as well as social bookmarking sites like digg. You could also add the link to your facebook profile or tweet it on twitter. You will want to try and build your backlinks- sites that link to your blog. This will increase your page rank in google and allow more people to find you through other sites the visit. I have linked my blog to others for free on BlogGlue. This is one good way to get back links.3. How will you monetize your blog? Monetize is just a technical term for how you will make money. The biggest source of income comes from two places- selling products and placing ads. If you have a product, like an e-book, you can promote and sell this on your blog. Using ads is also an option. There are many ad networks to choose from and they all have different options and requirements. Two I recommend that welcome new bloggers are Ad Hitz and Context Web. Ad Hitz pays per click and Context Web pays for impressions. This means you have two different ad programs running which will increase your chance of success. You won't always be able to get clicks but you will get impressions from your views. Clicks pay out more though, so having a mix is a good choice.By S.A. -

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