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How to Make Money From Facebook Part 1 - The Secret Blueprint Unveiled!

If you want to know how to make money from Facebook, this article is a must-read!

Everyone is talking about Facebook but hardly anybody really understands or knows how Facebook works, let alone how to make money from Facebook.

This article will tell you the fundamentals about Facebook and the secret blueprint on how to make money from Facebook!

So, let's get started!

First, you need to know the 2 identities/presences on Facebook which you can have. they are - (a) personal profile, and (b) Fanpage.

Below are the differences between the two:

1. A personal profile is where you connect with your friends. This is where you share all your personal stuff with your friends. On the other hand, Fanpage is the business side of you on Facebook. This is where you connect with your "fans" (or rather, customers) and promote your business.

2. You can have only one personal profile account which is limited to only 5000 friends. But you can have unlimited number of Fanpages with unlimited number of fans.

3. You are not allowed to have an opt-in form in your personal profile. But you can have an opt-in form at your Fanpage. As you may have learnt, having an opt-in form is extremely important for you to build your own customers list and make some serious money from the internet.

So, how to make money from Facebook using both personal profile and Fanpage? Here is the secret blueprint.

1. Create a personal profile account;

2. Invite friends to join as your "friends" on Facebook - You can invite your personal friends, people who you already knew as your "friends". You can also invite like-minded people who you do not know to be your friends using the "search" function on Facebook;

3. Spend time to build relationship with your friends;

4. Invite your friends to your Fanpage - This is how you kick start your Fanpage. You need to have some solid friends to join (i.e. "like") your Fanpage. Where to get those solid friends? Friends on your personal profile is the answer!...and

5. Continue to draw traffic to your website using both personal profiles and Fanpage. If your traffic buys from you, that's when you will make money online!

These are the main steps on how to make money from Facebook. With the right strategies and technique, you'll be amazed with how easy it is to make money from Facebook.

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