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The Best Way To Make Money With Twitter

If you are using Twitter, you probably know that it offers a great potential of social communication between businesses, customers, partners, friends and colleagues. People communicate and exchange ideas for the benefit of knowledge, but also for promoting their own websites, businesses and services. Having developed into a huge cyberspace market in less than five years, Twitter is a fascinating and cool way to stay in touch, but also to gain business exposure with the use of 140-character messages, known as tweets. In effect, tweets are blurbs, presented in real time on a micro-blogging platform, seen and read by all followers of a particular Twitter account. With its ease to follow, blog and tweet, Twitter has become a qualified tool of online marketing and an excellent accessory of social networking.

Apart from enabling you to instantly promote your business providing a broad range of branding opportunities and advanced marketing tools, Twitter can offer you some great key monetization opportunities.

Twitter can make you money if you know how to use it. If you think about your unique skills and talents, you will definitely come up with ways that you can promote them online. For instance, if you are a freelance writer, you can create a writing website and start marketing your writing services to Twitter users who are looking for such services. If you own an accounting business, you can look for Twitter users who can use your services.

To build your online business and get clientele using Twitter you need to build up your network by acquiring new contacts and keeping them updated with your business information. If you this on a daily basis, your contacts will become loyal customers and will refer you to new people. In that way, sooner than what you expect, you will acquire a huge followers' base consisting of people who are interested in any new posting related to your products, services, deals, proposals and offers. Actually, what you do is direct advertisement of your business to diverse target audiences out of a large number of Twitter users. Functioning like niche marketing, direct advertisement attracts users who have similar interests and choose to become followers of your business.

Affiliate marketing is another option, highly successful and greatly preferred as a way to make money with Twitter. In general terms, affiliate marketing is based on referral business in which a website that refers business to a main website gets paid with a percentage commission. Referrals are directed to the main website through link codes. You can use your affiliate links to promote your business on Twitter. Besides, your customers may ask for suggestions to choose the best web host. By recommending to them your affiliate links you can earn some quick cash.

If you are not the type of business person who prefers direct advertisement because it blindly suggests a product or a service to customers, you can go with paid reviews to promote your business. Paid reviews suggest particular products or services and are directed by your satisfied and loyal customers who tweet about your products or services so that other users get informed about your business. You may also use sponsored advertisement, which allows all tweets to get a predefined prefix so that followers can spot them as advertisements and follow them. Finally, you can use auto advertisements that enable your business to tweet advertisements when users are idle. This can generate cash in ad intervals, when users are inactive.

You may not be the type of business person who can start an online business. Again, you can use Twitter by becoming an online advertiser for other businesses. In this case, your job will be to find customers on Twitter like you would do for your own business and you get paid for advertising the business's products or services.

All in all, Twitter is a great way to make money. Although it is mainly a social networking website, not fully utilizing its enormous monetizing and promoting options might be a huge mistake. With its increasing popularity, it is certain that if you seriously engage in any type of business you feel comfortable with, you will soon derive lots of benefits. Just keep in mind that Twitter opportunities should be used within limits. Too much exposure, too much advertisement, and too many tweets can ultimately turn your business from a valuable contact into a profit-making addict, thus possibly decreasing your followers, credibility and profitability.

By Christina Pomoni - Knowledgeable professional with 5+ years experience in Financial Analysis and 3+ years experience in Portfolio Management. Has worked as Equity Research Associate, Assistant to the GM and Investment & Insura...  

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