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Hub Pages - Share Your Writing And Earn Money Too

At you create stand alone web pages on any topic you choose. It's a hybrid article site with no upfront payments for your writing; but you can monetize and earn money from ads on your page. If used properly, you can write about your writing, your arts and crafts or anything you feel passionate about; and you can earn money while doing it.

If you've not discovered Hub Pages, check it out, you might find it helpful in marketing you and your work; but like Twitter or Facebook or any of the other Social networking applications on the web, you should spend a bit of time with Hub Pages to see exactly how it can work to your advantage. That time could prove worth your effort.

A Different Sort of Content Site

If you have a Facebook page that mentions writing as a favorite pastime or avocation, the Hub Pages targeted ad has probably popped up a time or two in your right margin. The ad contains the usual catch phrases online writers look for.... you know: writing, articles, money. If you click on the link, you quickly find it's not your usual online content site.

On Hub Pages, you can write full articles, short stories, even poetry on whatever topics you choose. You can then add links, an RSS feed, photos or even insert a poll with questions you create yourself. When you are done, you preview your page, press publish and you've created a stand alone page, a Hub, complete with it's own web address.

Limited Links

You may add links to other articles or whatever online sites you choose that are relevant to your Hub. Links are limited to 2 links to any given website, so you can't fill an entire page with links to your articles on one site. If you have information you simply must share, you can always publish another Hub.

Social Networking

The site has a community feel. Other Hubbers rate your work, give it a thumbs up or down, add comments; or they may share it on Facebook, Twitter and other sites.

Hub Hopping allows random visits to fellow Hubber's pages so you can see Hubs you might not otherwise have noticed.

You may follow Hubbers and be notified when they publish another Hub. There is a box on each Hub where you may ask a favorite Hubber to create content you wish to see.

What About Monetizing?

If you have a website or a blog, perhaps you already monetize your content. On, you enter into an agreement with an ad provider who will insert ads on your page based on the subject material. On Hub pages, you may add, Adsense or Kontera Advertising Network. You receive payments based on ad clicks and the guidelines that govern their particular programs.

Hub Pages has the potential to work with and enhance your existing body of online work. It can help market you as an expert in your field or simply share an interest. It's up to you.


DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION:The Contributor has no connection to nor was paid by the brand or product described in this content.By Carol Rucker - Carol is a native Cincinnatian recently transplanted to Tallahassee, Florida. She may find it a difficult transition because deep inside, she is 100% Cincinnati through and through. Still she will continue t...  

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