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Strategy Guide Happy Pets On Facebook: 15 Tips, Tricks, And FAQ

Happy Pets is a Facebook game where you can be that crazy cat lady with a house filled with cats--without getting harassed by animal control! Raise a houseful of virtual pets by keeping them well-fed and happy, and earning coins to purchase special items -- all while competing with your Facebook friends to see who can make the ultimate fantasy home for their cute creatures! To help you in your quest, here's a guide for Happy Pets on Facebook, containing tips, tricks, and more for Happy Pets

Happy Pets Tips #1: What are some ways I can earn money on Happy Pets? Earn coins by petting your pets, selling decorations, selling pets, and cleaning your litter box. You can earn coins by cleaning your friends' litter boxes and petting their pets too!

Happy Pets Tips #2: What are some tips & ways to level up in Happy Pets? Earn points to level up by feeding your pets, cleaning, playing with your pets, and using the laser pointer.

Happy Pets Tips #3: How many pets can I own? The number of pets you're allowed depends on your level. Currently, these are the pets available at each level: Level 1: 2 Pets Level 4: 3 Pets Level 7: 4 Pets Level 10: 5 Pets If you're looking to level up quicker, always purchase the additional pets when they become available. This allows you to pet more pets, clean more, etc, earning you more points toward the next level.

Happy Pets Tips #4: Will my pets die? No, your Happy Pets will not die, but without food, they won't be "happy" pets anymore! If you neglect your pets, their happiness will go down and they will not grow.

Happy Pets Tips #5: Can I sell my pet? Yep! Simply click on your pet and click "Give away." Your pet will be adopted and you earn coins.

Happy Pets Tips #6: Can I only have cats? At this time, only cats are available in Happy Pets. Dogs will be available shortly.

Happy Pets Tips #7: Can I rename my pet? Yes. Click on your pet and press the "rename" button.

Happy Pets Tips #8: How do I get more rooms? The white windows in the house near your Facebook profile picture indicate how many room s are available to you. You can have up to four rooms. Rooms are unlocked at the following levels: Room 2: Level 10 Room 3: Level 20 Room 4: Level 30

Happy Pets Tips #9: Can I move pets or items from room to room? At this time, this feature is not available.

Happy Pets Tips #10: Can I breed my pets? No, this feature is currently not available.

Happy Pets Tips #11: How do I send and accept the free gifts? To send a gift, click on the "Free Gifts" tab when playing Happy Pets on Facebook. More gifts become unlocked as you reach higher levels. To accept the gifts, click on your Facebook "requests" tab on the Facebook home page (your "newsfeed" page) and scroll down to Happy Pets. From there, you can accept or ignore the gift.

Happy Pets Tips #12: What is Pet Cash? Pet Cash is a special currency available in Happy Pets to purchase unique items. Pet Cash is earned by leveling up, but can be earned faster by purchasing it with "real" money using a credit card or PayPal account.

Happy Pets Tips #13: Can I adopt my friends' pets? No, this feature is not currently available.

Happy Pets Tips #14: What is the Piggy Bank for? This is a special amount of coins awarded daily...think of it as a "per diem" but with a random amount. The piggy bank is refilled every day at midnight EST and can only be clicked on once per day. You can also visit your friends and earn coins by clicking on their piggy banks. This can only be done once per day, per friend.

Happy Pets Tips #15: Why is this game always freezing on me? If you're having trouble with the game, try switching to a different browser. Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari tend to have faster load times than IE.

Hopefully this Happy Pets guide gives you plenty of tips and tricks for Happy Pets on Facebook. Good luck playing Happy Pets on Facebook.

By Jessie Kay - Missy Jess enjoys writing about video games, home improvement tips and travel articles. In addition to writing, she enjoys long-distance running and fitness.  

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