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27 Cloned PHP Scripts For Developing Community Based Social Networking Websites Like Facebook And Orkut

Solutions for creating powerful social networking websites like Facebook, Orkut, MySpace and Twitter. Learn about free and premium PHP software's and scripts that will help you to design your dream communities.

Below you will find 95 % resources on PHP and the rest 5 % resources are on Microsoft's .net.

We are living in the age of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Orkut. At present, almost the majority of the world's population is using the service provided by these social networking websites for inter-connecting and communicating with their dear and near ones. The beauty of these so-called social networking websites is multi-face: as these services are used for networking with friends, promoting business, viral marketing as well as for dating. In fact, it has almost put an end to the classic dating sites.

Day by day the services provided by some of the giant social networking is growing at the speed of light, as they are constantly updating their websites with innovative features. Thus, there is virtually no limitation to the utility of social services. In the recent past, the world have seen how from the President of the United State of American to a peon all are using Facebook and twitter for promoting themselves. Now, do not get astonished, when I say that even some of the beggars of developed countries are also using social networking websites for communicating within their friends and relatives. So right now, from a billionaire to a beggar, from the President to a Peon, from Police to criminals, from freedom fighters to terrorist, from teachers to students, from boys to girls, from parents to children's all are using social services in form of social networking websites for making their web presence more stronger and stronger.

As you are reading this article titled, "27 free and premium cloned PHP scripts for developing your own social networking website like Orkut or Facebook, I assume that you want to develop and host your own social networking websites like Facebook, Orkut, MySpace or etc. Now, the beauty of these social sites is that you can truly become a millionaire by intelligently marketing you PHP or ASP or .Net based social networking website.

Facebook is regarded as the No 1 social networking website of the world. It was launched on February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and within just six years, it has achieved more than 600 million registered users which brought the company billions of dollars. So if, Mark Zuckerberg can make billions of $$$ form his one and only website 'Facebook', then at least an average webmaster like you and me can easily make a million dollar from a community based website by converting our burning desires to realities. So be prepared for launching and taking your social networking websites to the optimum level of achievements.

Tips for taking your website for optimum level:

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In the beginning of this article, I told you that we are living in the age of social networking website, but let me also tell you that we are also living in the age of open source software's and free and premium PHP scripts that will help us to develop a powerful websites of allied disciples. Below you can find lucid information on useful PHP scripts that is helping others and will also help you, for designing, developing and hosting your own social networking website.

Note: The below given numbering doesn't denote any kind of ordering or ranking or recommendations. Use your own wisdom for selecting the best suitable script for your business.

Free and premium PHP Scripts for developing Social Networking website like Facebook or Orkut

1. BoonEx C Dolphin (Best social Networking) - Free

Personally speaking, I regard Dolphin (developed by BoonEx) as the best online software for developing websites of any nature. The beauty of Dolphin is that you can use this software free of cost until you want to remove BoonEx links from your site. Moreover, Dolphin is phenomenally powerful and it includes some of the robust features like user registration, user control panel, profile page, forums, tags, categories, site search, ads, article etc. Some of the websites which are already using this software are Free Christian Singles Dating , Rainbow Christians, Apostolic Singles Network, and etc. Many of my friends are also using this software for developing powerful dating websites.

Download URL:

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2. Faceclon (Exact Facebook Clone)

Well, in the above paragraph I mentioned about BoonEx C Dolphin. BoonEx is an original product and in no way, it can be regarded as a cloned script. But if you want to exactly to create a clone of Facebook, you may go for Faceclon. Faceclon seems to be the exact twin brother of Facebook. It is premium product and comes around $99. Some of the most notable features of this software


I. The installation process is extremely user-friendly, easy and fast

II. A lot of additions plugins and them are available for customization

III. A lot of features allied to Facebook

IV. Ajax based interface for faster loading and navigation

V. Customizable fields for creating user profiles

VI. Key-work linking

VII. Birthday fields with avatars

VIII. Powerful comment system

IX. Privacy protection system for profiles

X. Custom CSS styles

XI. One way and two way friendship structures

XII. Customizable signup process

XIII. Email and messaging system

XIV. SEO friendly URL

XV. Easy template customization

XVI. NO copyright or powered by notice

XVII. It supports many languages

And many more : Click here

Download URL:

3. ISocial

ISocial is the most powerful software for creating an absolute next generation social networking websites. It includes a number of wonderful modules and templates for adding personalized touch to your site. According to its official website, "iSocial comes with the exact same setup using Shindig and Open Social which allows developers from around the world to develop robust applications for YOUR website." Some of the most popular modules of this product are: iSocial Distributed, iSocial Mass Uploader for, iSocial Mass Uploader for, iSocial Twitter Connect and iSocial Translator. Currently more than 100 satisfied customers are using this product for powerful their websites and blogs.

Product URL: Click Here

4. webNetwork

Do you want to create a social networking website like My Space? Well, here is a great script for you. Well, provides a robust community building software in which you can create profiles, add friends and share videos, photos and blogs. According to its office website, "With our software you can develop a fully featured social networking site with many advanced features."

Download URL: Click Here

5. SkaDate 8 - Social Networking & Dating Software -Premium

Nowadays the younger generation of the world is mainly using the social networking sites for dating purposes. Well, one of the biggest dating website named plentyoffish .com, owned by Markus Frind is currently earning more than 10 million dollar per. This is the real money generating power of a quality dating website. So, if you want to create a community based dating websites, then SkaDate 8 will serve your purpose. According to its office websites, it includes a fantastic engine with excellent performance for boosting the user experience. It also includes robust features like sharing groups, forums, games, music, videos etc. Along with this, it also provides traditional function like matchmaking, advance search, photo verification, private and public profiles, speed dating, private messaging system, member system, user points system etc.


I. You can get 100 % unencrypted source code

II. Once you purchase this software you can get lifetime updates

III. Fast and free customer support

IV. One time free for the entire package

V. Video tutorial and manuals for easy learning

VI. Free social networking with many international quality dating themes

VII. Download URL:

6. Social Moon

This software will help you to create a membership-based website and include more than 50 powerful modules and beautiful themes. You can even create a website like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter using this script. It also includes features for easy management of videos, music, pictures and polls. You can get a license version of this software including all modules and features in $269.

Download URL:

7. One Body CMS

Onebody content management system is mainly used for building community based websites for churches and includes almost all the features of a robust community based website. Along with all the traditional features, it also includes a powerful Date Import & Export tool.

Product URL and Pricing: Click here

8. Kootali

This script is promoted by an India based company named Agriya info way Pvt ltd, Chennai, India. Most of the features of this script are very similar to Facebook, although the look or you can say the themes of the script in not similar to Facebook. According to its official website, "Kootali is a customized and fully featured social networking script, similar to large sites like Facebook, that lets you create a standalone social community site for allowing users to communicate and connect." Currently hundreds of satisfied customers are using this software for creating communities on many inches. Personally speaking, Kootali seems to be a wonderful product for creating exactly a very similar website like Orkut or Facebook.

Download URL:

9. Clone Facebook

As the name includes, this script is based on PHP and can be used for creating small communities. You can customize this script to a greater extend.

Product URL: Click here

10. iScripts Socialware You can add communities to your existing websites or blog using iScripts SocialWare. At present hundreds of schools, colleges and regional groups are using this websites for creating social networks. You can drive huge traffic to your website by allowing the users to connect with their friends and family. iScripts Socialware is a premium script and thus you have to pay something for it. Download URL: Click here

11. ISociety

Do you want to create a social networking site for your society, colony or bazaar? Well, you can use the online software developed by Influxive Technologies for hosting a powerful community based website. The products of this company are of high quality and thus is bit expensive.

Download URL: Click here


This is a very powerful social platform or in other words you can say social operating system that gives will a bunch of tools for enriching your website with blocks; these blocks allows you to copy and paste third party widgets into your site. I have very limited knowledge on this products, but still I may, advice you to apply your own skills for learning more about this software before purchasing it.

Product URL: Click here

13. Partuza

According to its office website, "Partuza is an example Open Social - Social Network Site that uses Apache Shindig." The look of this project is very similar to that of Facebook.

Product Demo URL: Click here

14. Rise Alumni

As the name indicates, Rise Alumni is an open source social network for creating Alumni based associates, communities and forums. This software is written in Ruby on Rails. Rise Alumni is promoted by Github which is one of the favorite places where developers share their codes.

Download URL: Click here

15. Alumni Server

Recently I learned regarding this software from It is mainly based on PHP and MySQL and is used for creating profile pages for universities, schools and companies.

Product URL: Click here

16. Family Connections

Do you want to create a private website for your family and relatives? Do you have a big joint family? Well, you can use this software for creating and connecting with your friends and family. Perhaps, it is the clone of websites like My Family.

Product URL: Click Here

17. Xhanch Social Networking

This software is a product of Xhanch Studios and is basically a micro blogging platform but can be also used for creating a member based website. It is mainly used by Schools for creating private community for their students.

Product URL: Click here

18. DevelopSocial

This software goes with the tag line, "Create your own social network." According to its office website, the sole aim of this product is to help you to cook a powerful clone website of facebook in minutes. Some of its essential features are:


I. It includes powerful instant messaging system

II. Enhanced Privacy Settings

III. Commenting system

IV. Classifieds

V. Profile Management

VI. Groups

VII. Events

VIII. Facebook Connect

IX. Chat

X. Supports multi-model

XI. Media server

XII. Multi-lingual support

Product URL: Click here

19. Social Engine ***

Social engine is multi utility based online software which can be either directly or indirectly used for creating social networking site of any scale. Its hybrid, features includes a perfect combination of some of the most important features of micro-blogging, facebook and twitter. Thus, this product is hugely powerful. Moreover, it includes sets of plugins, templates and extensions for customizing the script to greater extends.

Product URL: Click here

20. Concourse Connect

Concourse Connect is a comprehensive, open source based software, which can be effectively used for instantly deploying huge potential communities.

Product URL: Click here

21. Church Member Pro

This software can be delicately used for developing Church membership based communities. Currently, 100's of churches and non-profitable organsaitions are using this product for organizing and connecting their members.

Product URL: Click here

22. Anahita

According to the official website of Anahita, "Anahita is nothing but a remarkable platform, framework for developing any kind for social networks using the organic nodes-graphs-stories architecture." This software is a commercial open source solution and comes under the GPL license.

23. E-Friends

This software is developed by AlstraSoft keeping in view the growing demand for social communities. Basically, this software is based on the architecture of MySpace and includes a majority of features that are very similar to that of MySpace.

Product URL: Click here

24. IZI Facebook

I don't have much information on this one...

25. Social Ajax

It is cutting age edge community software that includes all the latest features of a web 2.0 networking website like MySpace, YouTube and Facebook. It includes beautify Ajax based interface with advanced SEO facilities.

Product URL: Click here

26. PonySpace PDA Community (PDA Devices)

This software is a extremely powerful software used for developing solid dating based community sites to be used on any PDA devices or communicator like iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, etc.

Product Details:

27. Developing allied websites using Joomla

I am a great devotee of Joomla. I am an optimist Joomla leaner; I can bet that you can build almost anything using Joomla. So if you have an existing Joomla website and you can to add community just use any of the below given extensions.

Joomla Extensions

1. JOmSocial

2. Community Builder

3. LinkSutra

4. ODude Profile

5. JSocial Suite

Powerful Asp .Net software for developing your Social Networking website

Vivo Social (

I am myself an developer and although the title of this article gives importance to PHP but still, I cannot stop myself, adding some great softwares that may help you to get your work done. I am an optimist and I guess, many of you, would love to have some script for powering your websites. Well, fortunately we have VivoSocial, a social network platform built on top of the DotNetNuke framework. Some of the most important features of this .net project are: Features

I. The software is 100 % based on template and layout controls.

II. It includes powerful system for addition text, videos and audio.

III. It also include blogging platform.

IV. It includes a very advanced Quotation and Answer based interface.

V. You can create polls, add news items etc.

VI. It also contains all the classic and modern features of social networking.

VII. Visitors can give their comments using its easy to use commenting system.

Product URL: Click Here

In my upcoming post, I will be unveiling many tips, tricks and hacks on PHP based open source software.


To sum up, it could be concluded that we don't have to write codes like Mark Zuckerberg for creating a website like Facebook, rather we are blessed with many free, premium and open source software's and scripts, for helping us for developing our dream community based site. PHP is great, for all the .net lovers can also use Vivo Social which is a dot net project for deploying their community project. And lastly, the Joomla webmasters can also add communities to their website by using the above mentioned extensions.

By Lakshman -

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