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How To Earn Quick Short Term Money In Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars, the popular Facebook game published by Zynga, has two major resources that limit your ability to play the game. The first of those major resources is your attributes, specifically your energy and stamina attributes. Just about every action in the game depletes points from one of these attributes and once you are out of energy and stamina points, you can no longer act until you recover those attributes.

The second major resource in the game is money. Money is needed to purchase gear that allows you to perform jobs, to purchase upgrades to properties, and, occasionally, to perform some jobs. Unlike attributes points, money does not transfer between cities. So, while you may have plenty of dollars in New York, you may have no baht to spend in Bangkok.

Earning money in Mafia Wars is often a slow and tedious process. The designers of the game intentionally use money as a limiter on your actions, in order to encourage you to spend reward points to gain more money. While it is possible to spend reward points to gain money, reward points are earned slowly unless you spend real world money on them, making this a poor way to earn money in Mafia Wars.

Earning money quickly requires understanding what features of the game provide the most money for the least stamina or energy and will often be different depending on what city you are in. The following advice will help you earn money quickly while playing Mafia Wars.

Properties - In the long term, properties provide some of the best income in the game. Since properties provide money infinitely once invested in, every property will eventually turn a profit. Unfortunately, properties are terrible for providing short term income. At even the best ratios, which occurs when the properties are at low levels, it will usually take days or even weeks to recover the money you invested in a property. If you need money quickly you can collect from any properties you previously invested in, but investing will not help.

Jobs - Jobs pay money remarkably well, but require an expenditure of energy. The best ratio of money earned to energy spent depends on what city you are in. For example, in New York, the highest earning job is a Boss tier job called "Make Arrangements for a Visiting Don". This earns you approximately $2, 000, 000 per energy spent. Of course, to get to that job, you need to reach at least level 100. In Cuba, due to the bribe cost, the best way to earn quick money is probably the "Knock Off a Visiting Head of State" job that requires you to be level 130. In Moscow, Vegas, and Bangkok, higher tier jobs are better, but you need to complete lower tiers to unlock them. Furthermore, if you complete a tier in Bangkok or Vegas, the energy costs for jobs increases, so if you find a job with good money to energy ratio, like "Buy Some Chemicals on the Black Market", you may want to hold off completing the tier.

Fighting - Fighting can earn you quick money, if you are lucky. The way to earn money from fighting is to attack somebody once. If you receive money from winning the fight, attack again with power attack. Continue to attack until you ice or kill your opponent. If you do not earn money from your first attack, switch opponents. The drawback to fighting is you will need to heal eventually, which costs money. If you have a city where you have more money than you need, heal in that city and then fight in the one where you need to earn money.

Hit List - The hit list is only good for earning money if you are one of the best fighters in the game. Of course, if you are, you probably don't need money quickly. Still, if you have a mafia size of 501, it may be worth trying to grab a few big contracts. With just a little luck, you might net millions for almost no cost in stamina.

Robbing - Robbing has better money to stamina ratio than fighting, most of the time. In order to earn money robbing, you should only rob locations that are marked as easy. A failed robbery earns you no money. Of course, once you have only hard and moderate targets left, the only way to get more targets will be to spend stamina. Still, this slightly extra cost will still earn you more money in the short term than fighting will, unless you are extremely unlucky.

Tournaments - Vegas has an option not available anywhere else. In Vegas you can gamble on tournaments. The odds are generally are set so that you can spread bet and basically assure yourself that you will earn money. Unfortunately, you can only continue to bet if you do well in the tournament and once you either win or lose the tournament, it will be four hours before you can try again. Still, it is a way to earn quick chips that you might need in Vegas.

Selling - If you are desperate, you can sell any piece of equipment that you can buy. Selling equipment that you need to perform your current jobs is pretty much useless, but if you have completed a previous tier and never intend to return to it, you can pretty freely sell the equipment needed to complete jobs on that tier.

It is important to keep in mind that all of these tips are designed for short term earnings, not long term earnings. by and far, properties and jobs will eventually provide the best long term consistent earnings, though the investment can often take months to recover. If you find that you are in need of short term cash, use these tips to earn it when you need it.

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