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Razor Wind

The buzz was loud. the buzz was persistent as it was on time. the buzz would go off but for only two minutes as once again right on the second it would ring out until stopped. I hated the buzz more than I hated work, for the buzz controlled my life. Yes it was an alarm clock but damn sleep was so good until the buzz wanted to talk. Of course I never talked back to the alarm clock but on more occasions than one I wanted to letter in a few choice words but found it to be useless. The buzz left me weary as I chased the early morning light to find that this cold starting Sunday was not a work day. Yes a silent reprieve, but the alarm clock had buzzed off and yes I was meant to be up. I quickly rummaged through my tired mind and found why I was up at six in the morning. No I was not off to work for that was tomorrow; tomorrow was back to the grind. There, that's it! My brother was supposed to be here at 6:30 in the morning. He had said he had a great moment to show me and it would change my life from this point on. I quickly said you mean I can get away from that dreadful buzz I wake up to six mornings a week my brother just smiled and said to get my ass up on Sunday around 6:30 and all would be answered. Well my ass was up but far from ready. Within a few minutes another familiar buzz filled my bathroom as my electric razor smoothed out my eighteen year old face despite being three months away from being twenty-nine. As I walked into my clothes littered closet I heard a rather loud buzz that was the evident honking horn of my brother's monster the Hog. The Hog was a black Ford F-350 that was jacked up on monster truck wheels. It came with a 4x4 package that included steel bumpers as well as a heavy duty winch just below the blue oval. Besides the constant beeping of the horn I could also hear the monster growl of the Hog as my brother throttled the massive turbo charged engine. Fifteen minutes later and I was sporting rugged looking Levis with my casual black Oakland Raider shirt. I looked at the clock as my brother gunned it out onto the highway, the turbo wining and the glass pack exhaust system letting out monstrous growl. The radio was the second buzz coming from my brother's truck as he flashed through several stations before landing on a country/rock station. The stations had went by fast but my mind had registered a buzz of news including a rather hot day, Oakland Raiders facing off against the Washington Redskins in their first preseason game tonight, beach parties, and a murder that has yet to find the culprit. I had said nothing since entering the Hog but neither had my brother which left me with a since of uncomfortability. I was tired and the morning sun was starring me straight in the face. I put the visor down just as an old annoying country song came on. My brother turned up the radio no doubt sensing my discomfort (older brothers have a way of doing that). At this I crossed one of my legs, a white Nike shoe almost touching the polished black upholstery with F-350 printed on it. My brother took one look and turned down the annoying country song.

"What's this, white tennis shoes. You have got to be kidding me brother." I looked at my brother with question. He wore tennis shoes too, just not now as I could see he had black high top boots. "Don't worry little brother I got you covered at the house." The house, that's right I remember now. My brother called me a few weeks back after I had escaped the grind of the day and he had told me he had bought this new badass house I had to see. I guess now I get to see this house with my own eyes.

"Congrats on the house bro but I just dressed casual cause its Sunday morning and I have no idea what you got planed." My brother looked hard at me, his smile widening as he punched on the accelerator.

"Sunday morning it is. The Raiders are playing tonight and the Gale brothers are getting in on a little game in the jungle." My brother said this more to himself than to me. In the jungle? I was unaware there were any jungles in North America but knew my brother meant something entirely different. My mind wanted to be sarcastic for it was still angry at having to wake this aching body up on the only day of rest for me. The countryside of Northern California gave way to the drowning deep woodlands. I was lost immediately in the mixture of lavish green and lancing orange sunshine that pierced through the trees. My brother once again turned up the radio understanding I was tired or just wanted to annoy me further. I heard the music but was seemingly lost in my own buzz as I gazed out the window. The forest that past before me seemed to be calling out to me. It held me in its embrace as my brother barreled down the highway at over eighty-five miles an hour. Minutes passed by as songs changed on the radio only to switch over to commercials at which that point my brother turned the radio down. I had said nothing to my brother nor did he say anything to me. In fact I am one hundred percent sure that if he did I would not hear him for I was lost in my own mind at the moment. I was lost in a sea of green and orange that was dreadful and beautiful at the same time. In fact I was so lost that when my brother finale spoke I did not register what he said until it was too late.

"Hold on little brother." With that my brother jerked the wheel of the Hog to a sharp right. The truck roared as if an anger and dove off into the ditch. I almost screamed out at my brother but knew I was in his hands now and screaming would do nothing for me but make me look like a pussy. Questions assaulted my mind but could not find their way out as the 4x4 Hog sped down the ditch as if it were on the highway. Then another sharp right and the Hog dipped further down into a muddy ravine that headed straight for the great wall of green and lancing orange light that was the forest. The Hog handled the muddy ravine with ease as my brother accelerated past fifty in the tight space of the forest. I watched out my window as luscious green forest not only rolled by but brushed alongside my window. Where was my brother taking me? Was this some kind of short cut to his new house or was this something entirely crazy? With my brother I never knew, he was always up to something and never let anyone know what that was. Well I felt pretty good and a little nervous at being given a chance to find out what he had been doing since the last time we spoke, but this little off-road-

The 4x4 F-350 revved out a loud growl as my brother shifted to a higher gear and drove the Hog up the left side of the ravine. The big monster truck tires dug into the mud and pulled the truck out with relative ease. My body rocked and jolted in the seatbelt as my brother laughed hysterically at my obvious discomfort.

"Relax little brother." Once again that hysterical laughter that I took for insanity resurfaced and made me feel trapped, but it was my brother so I took in the moment. "Even though it does not look like it, I know what I am doing." Sure you do brother, like you knew what you were doing when lit that couples house on fire with the high powered firecrackers dad bought all those years ago." Thought I as the Hog roared through this virgin like California forest. Uncomfortability quickly overturned to fear as my brother showed no signs of letting up on the throttle. The 4x4 Hog went through every underbrush in its path, much like my brothers way through life. You see he was one who, once made up his mind on something, would crash through any obstacle whether it was right or wrong. My brother is a steadfast person, a man with no remorse and his shortcomings have never stopped him in life as they have me.

"Ahhh yes little brother! We are finale at my castle, my keep if you will." The insane laughter coupled with half expecting to find and cave or George of the Jungle type tree house left me in a feeling of anxiety I shall not forget. The Hog cleared yet another brush as it spun its tires into a small opening where I laid my eyes upon the most beautiful house I have ever seen. The golden brown house was like a jewel among weeds, fully covered by the forest. My mouth was left ajar from the sheer size of the house as it resembled an elegant mansion instead of a house. My brother killed the engine to the Hog and wore a deep smile on his face. I was left speechless at how my brother was to come into possession of such a beauty. As if my brother read my mind he quickly answered.

"I know a smart realtor who claimed this small piece of heaven two years ago. It's not much but hell it is a roof over my head." What, are you kidding me brother! This house is not just a roof-

"Wait a damn minutedid you say you claimed this house two years ago?"

"Yesyes I did."

"And you did not tell mom, or dad or even me?" My brother's smile quickly faded away. His serious but stern face returned that told me I already knew why, but I already knowing was not enough for my brother. He wanted to speak the real truth in front of my obvious awe at his real-estate.

"Mom and dad only complicate my life. There split has left them to only judge each other with harshness and my decisions as well." I threw up my arms at this; my brother had it all wrong.

"How can you say that? Mom and dad would be over joyous at finding out you have furnished yourself with a house that neither of them has ever had. I mean come on brother; this house is what a Hollywood actor should be living in." A smile once again crept up upon my brother's face.

"Very true little brother, but you have missed the point. Mom and dad do not concern me at the momentlet's cut the chit-chat shall we and take a tour of my keep." With that my brother and I exited the Hog and proceeded to the front door of his lavish house. At the time I was oblivious to the very fact that the house was completely cut off from outside sources. There were no telephone wires or electricity wires running into the house yet there was power and several small black telephones. There was no drive way or back way; the house looked the same from the front as it did from the back. This house was the ultimate exclusion from the outside world. Indeed my brother had found a little slice of heaven. With that aside I was quickly thrown into a vortex of wonder at how my brother had put together the inside of his house. Maplewood brown stretched the floor in such smoothness that I was compelled to take my shoes off and slide like I did when I was little on dads freshly finished floors. Leather maroon sofas and recliners collected each other in the living room where two stone pillared lamps illuminated the soft like room. A flat screen Vizo dominated the far wall surrounded by the latest in theater systems. The walls were beseeched in a caramel color that brought out the stained shine of the wooden floors. But neither the furniture, the entertainment center nor how surprisingly cool it was could distract the true pure elegance of the house that my brother owned. The stained wood, caramel walls, flat screen and entertainment center was just a faade for the beauty that was the clear windows that wrapped around the living room. It made the living room truly living, for the forest seemed to be inside the house easing me as I swallowed everything in.

"At a loss for words little brother?" I registered the question but was still in awe at this peaceful abode that was far beyond my reaches at the desk job I had now. "Listen bro, this house is just a house nothing more. Life is more than this house little brother, which is why I brought you here." What was he talking about, life is more than a house, hell all I have is a damn one bedroom apartment that sometimes does not have hot water. Still in amazement I let my brother lead me through a lavish hall way decorated with pictures of photo generic families that posed for pictures to be put into frames. Doors lined the sides, each made up of a different color of wood. There was an urge to check what was in these doors but what would I find more pictures of fake families, pictures of our family locked away or would the rooms just be empty never to hold occupants who would call this their room. I quickly dashed those thoughts away; my brother obviously had nothing to show me in these rooms. My brother stopped at the end of the hallway to a metal door, not wood like the room doors. He turned around with a smile on his face.

"Yes that's right brother, ten rooms furnish just this section of the house alone. Don't ask me what I need with ten rooms just know that I don't care if I have one or a hundred." This was absurd, no this was outright ludicrous. There were thousands of people without rooms and here my brother is with ten or more rooms to spare. Of course I did not voice this to my brother for there was no use. I rolled my eyes and looked to the ceiling. There was no ceiling, just darkness that the candle like lights of the hall could not reach. How far did this ceiling reach I wondered?

"Brother, if would be as so kind, don't give me your skepticism on what you are about to see and hear. Just have fun and be like we were when we were kidsit's all I ask of you." I nodded my head once again seeing a crazy man instead of my brother. My brother then used his rather small set of keys and unlocked the door into a totally different room. Yes! Now this was the definition of a true man cave. Not some elaborate game room with pool tables, pinball machines, high end game systems and flat screen TVs but a true room of warriors to say the least. Okay maybe not warriors but hunters at least. This room is a garage, or it used to be a garage before my brother littered it with an assortment of tools and stuff I did not even know what was used for. The room was bathed in low light that shrouded the rest of the garage in darkness. My brother prodded through the crowded garage without hitting a single piece of equipment. Then, all systems were active and I saw

"This brother is truly why I have brought you here." One by one the blue like lights flickered on along the side of the garage and my mouth litterly dropped to the floor. Lined on racks stacked by two's were guns, guns and well more guns. I knew nothing about what type of guns I was looking at but did not care for the pure majestic feeling I got was mixed with fear and anxiety. "From the M1 Garand and Springfield used in World War II to the M-4 Carbine complete with laser sights and infrared imaging. "Hell all these weapons brother was used to do some kind of hunting." I watched as my brother unlocked caged doors that belonged to the bottom cabinets below the massive assortment of weapons. He fumbled with some equipment and brought out what looked like a green metal box. He opened the box and showed me a fresh shinny gold bullet. "You see this brother, it's a bullet. Bullets were made to kill. That's their purpose in this life. It serves no other function." He stowed the bullet back in its container. "But the bullet has a predecessor that is legendary in its own right. Bullets don't exist without it." My anxiety soared like an Eagle as my brother put the green metal box back inside the cabinet and locked the cage.

"I'm sorry bro but what the fuck are you talking about. I mean you have enough guns to outfit an army and all you have to say is 'all guns hunt' or some shit like that. I need explanations brother, where did you get all of these weapons and what the fuck are you hunting that requires a rifle with infrared imagining or grenade launcher!" My breath was huffing and puffing at the shock and awe that ravaged my brother who was like a living breathing Rambo.

"There you go again, freaking out like you always do little brother!" He slammed his fist on the counter, a screw driver fell to the flour but my eyes remained locked onto my brother. "Look, the guns are none of your concern and as for hunting yes that's the surprise I have for you today brother. It's why you can't wear those white shoes." My brother turned his back to me; I was not finished with him.

"Okay that helps a little, NOT FUCKING REALLY! You know I don't know how to hunt and besides hunting is slow and boring." My brother laughed at that.

"So it is true then, society has a grip on you and Capitalism has made you a believer of the so called fast-lane. Patience in men these days has all but evaporated. No pure instinct or primal nature that we all know will come back and thrive again on this planet." My brother turned around so sharp it made me jump. "Technology is weak, it's unreliable and it will come to an end as all things must. Man is beast, and the beast will rise again to take back this planet." I had to get out, this was not my brother. This was some crazy man who took my brothers body or some shit but no I can't stay here. Silence from my brother left me frozen; his stare was cold but at the same time logical. Comfort has embraced America and maybe the world, but men are beasts. Look at 9/11, the Nazis, slavery and the all-out mess that we swim in every day. That insane smile once again resurfaced, a chill took a quick dive down my spine. "The hunt brother is why man was brought in to this world. Whether it is for a half-ass job, beautiful women, food or competition man must hunt to survive and truly feel like he belongs in this world."

"And what exactly are we hunting?" Oh god here it goes, he killed someone and now he wants me to do the same. Blood brothers, the police will be here soon and no doubt I will be charged as an accomplice and be someone's jail bitch. SOMEONE HELP ME GET OUT OFF HERE!!!

"Well that I can tell you little brother." With that my brother turned around and flicked another switch. This time a computer lit up next to him. After a few minutes passed he typed in a password and boom. In the dark corner to our right, a corner that was as dark as the ceiling was in the hallway lit up with seven medium sized flat screens mounted on a black board of some kind that was catty-cornered. To be honest, it looked like something that belonged in the Bat cave of those Batman movies. One by one the screens flickered on with an image of what appeared to be the house, at least what was outside of the house. Beautiful fauna flooded the high resolution screens and brought the woods into this garage. So far only three screens lit up each circulating between different feeds from cameras around the outside of the house. My brother fished through a drawer at the bottom of the counter while I looked at all the feeds seeing no movement but what an occasional breeze pushed upon a bush.

"I bet you've heard on the news of sightings of a strange creature stalking the woods in these parts."

"Not really brother, I don't watch the news."

"Well you should, anyway this creature has been sighted and few pictures have leaked out that, well let's just say they suck in comparison to what I have." Oh brother, I can't believe I am listening to this.

"You mean like Bigfoot or Loch Ness?"

"Well if you want to put it that way, yes its big, much larger than any man and is cunning as well as smart. The perfect hunt I should say." Really, Bigfoot! You dragged me out on my day off for some goose chase in the woods with Rambo like machine guns to hunt a mythical creature. This has to stop now, this is just-

"Wait a minute; did you just say you had your own picture of this creature?" Interest was now one hundred percent.

"Why yes I did little brother, now this picture is for real but don't worry you and I are the only ones to have laid eyes upon it." With that my brother handed me the picture. I took the picture into my sweaty hands, my heartbeat accelerated as my eyes coursed over the photo. I don't believe it; I really can't believe that I am looking at a picture of the forest. Nothing was there, some green underbrush surrounding several trees and the orange sunlight glaring through the holes of the forest tops. I opened my eyes as wide as they would go and could still find no creature, not even a hint of one. I tried the old image trick off the back of some cereal boxes by moving the picture away from me and then real close to my eyes but still nothing developed into a creature.

"What are you doing?"

"Brotherthere's nothing in this picture but fauna and trees." My brother took the picture from me and looked at it. A smile crept across his face. Yes it was all a joke, my brother was not as crazy as he was beginning to make me feel.

"It's there all right brother, you just got to open your eyes and see past the shroud that this great country has put over your eyes. People here don't see any more, they just follow Capitalism into their graves. They are truly slaves to society, " he handed the picture back to which I took with eager intent hoping to see the creature my brother saw on the photo. Again there was nothing there. "That's why I am hoping this little hunt will wake you up brother; you go ahead and keep the picture with you. It may help you spot the creature. Trust me brother, it's out there." Oh I trust you brother, trust you enough that you need some help mentally. That's it, it's the last straw. Time to take me home and hope you find help. But wait, I won't tell my brother this. In fact I will follow him into the woods armed with whatever weapon he gives me looking for this mythical creature. You want to know why, because my curiosity is driven by my brother and how can any man, even one as self-assured as myself, resist the temptation of a journey no matter how stupid or little it may sound. I placed the picture in my back pocket and smiled at my brother.

"So I am sold, as long as I get the most powerful gun you got." My brother shook his head and switched the light off to the racks of guns.

"No guns brother, it's too easy to kill with a bullet. Anyone can squeeze a trigger but few can accurately fire an arrow from a well crafted bow, " no guns, you have got to be kidding me! "The predecessor of the bullet is the arrow. Crafted by our ancestors it was used to insure there was food to be cooked over the fire as well as defending one from attackers. For the hunt, it was feared by those who were hunted by it. To kill something with a bow brother takes keen skill that many men do not have in this time and age." My brother walked over to a locked locker and put in a code on the electric keypad.

"I have never used a bow in my entire life bro."

"Of course you have little brother, remember way back when, we used to play Cowboys and Indians. We took turns being both and as I recall you were quite skilled with the bow." He was right, Cowboys and Indians was a classic game kids really no longer play because of its historical violence. I smiled at this, my brother the great optimist still remembered our childhood. The realist in me was about to surface when my brother brought out of the darkness of the locker a deathly and wicked looking bow. Its dark color glistened a surreal purple that mesmerized my vision. It held me in an embrace of true emotions that flooded my realist side with questions like; is that even a bow? Doesn't it look more like a treasure artifact than a weapon? Should be in a museum instead of a locker right? The bow curved in such a manner that it looked as if it was flexing all on its own, to be silly it looked as if it was alive. It had jagged like teeth on the upper and lower parts of the bow just above and below where grooved handles rested for whoever took the bow and used it.

"I call it the Razor Wind." The urge to laugh and to behold this wonder besieged me at once. The feeling left me with cold anxiety. It was a beautiful weapon yet its purpose was death. The Razor Wind was not to be mounted somewhere to be looked at by people lost in the void of comfort we take for granted. The Razor Wind was meant to be in the woods, it was meant to be on the hunt.

"The Razor Wind heyit huh looks a littlewell tough to pull back brother, you know I'm just a pencil pusher." My brother smiled once more, this time the love of another sibling bore through instead of the insanity I had seen earlier.

"Well that's a hidden beauty of this bow; it's as strong as the tightest bow on the market but pulls as easy as any compact bows without the pulley gears." None of this made since, pulley gears, compact bows or tightness just the sheer power I felt radiating from the bow had me in shock. My brother outstretched his arm, the bow, the Razor Wind was being offered to me. With a moment's pause a grabbed the bow and half expected it to kill me and the other half, well, its majestic like presence was amplified when skin touched whatever the weapon was made of. I took the Razor Wind and righted it as if I were preparing to go on the hunt.

"The effect is nothing without your shot, with the arrow that will pierce all in its path." My brother handed me a solid arrow made of carbon fiber. The feathers were black like a ravens and the arrow head was jagged like a saw. "Whatever this arrow hits it's going to be a pain in the ass to take out." My brother laughed but I paid no attention for the weapon held me in suspense as I notched the arrow without any hesitation. My brother was right again, it was if I was born to notch arrows. I pulled back the arrow, felt the string and my muscles in my arm work is one as if the Razor Wind was a part of me. It was smooth, so smooth I felt little effort or strain but yet felt as if I were ten times the man I really was. I looked down the arrow and for the first time I

Fifty, no maybe eighty yards away. Wind direction, practically non-existent at this late hour. Sun is taking a nose dive for the horizon, temperature steadily declining. The creature moves ever so slightly. It knows it's being hunted. Either way, the Razor Wind is at the ready with an arrow notched and ready to fly. I look down the arrow once more, waiting to see this so called mystical creature. Reality sets in and I know full well the creature is nothing more than an escaped Panther prowling the woods for food. With my arrow drawn back and eyes drawn on my target in the brush I feel nothing but power. Its power reaches the height of its climax as I release the arrow and

"What in the hell are you doing?" SNAP! Where, what? No Panther, no mystical creature for that matter just my damn brother and his goose chase. Covered in the latest in camouflage for hunting and our bows, the Razor Wind clutched in my hands, a Compound Bow for my brother. We had been out here in the woods for over three hours; the sun had already past its peak and was heading for bed. The air was relatively cool but the woods betrayed me and made me feel like a lowly creature. I had to prove myself but the reality of it was just silly. Prove myself to what, the laws of the woods. Men have moved away from their barbaric dark ages and made a world where he can leave peacefully on Earth. Yeah it sucked sometimes working that nine to five pace but at least you weren't out here just trying to survive in the wild.

"Day dreaming got the best of me broI mean well hell brother come on there ain't no god forsaken mystical creature out here! We have combed these woods for three hours and have not found one single track of wellANYTHING!" My brother looked down at the ground, for the first time I saw despair glow in his eyes. I had won; this charade was nothing more than a make believe fantasy. He just wanted an excuse to use all those weapons back in that massive house. The Razor Wind was nothing more than parts created by man, no more mystical than my brother's monster truck. My brother was a stern man, but this world was fake unlike the working world where I make a true living. I slowly rose from my hunches where I had taken a rest and daydreamed of hunting a beast. My brother was defeated but my new resolve to go home and be lazy before Monday reared its ugly head wanted me to quickly turn my brother's frown upside down. I placed a hand on my brother's shoulder. "LookI know how much you want this to be what life is, but the hunt has long since been placed in our history brother. It belongs there, man has moved-

A scream ripped through the silent air, no not a scream, a fucking roar that left my useless words in free fall! It was loud and lasted for what seemed like an eternity. Birds flew from their trees and cried out to the heavens. My brother's eyes widened in not terror but excitement as the roar penetrated deep down to my soul. As it died out I shivered in fear, for I have never heard any roar like that before.

"What the fuck was that?" said I in a whisper as if afraid that whatever made that roar would hear me. My brother remained silent as he went down on his hunches; I quickly followed not wanting to be in easy sight of whatever was out there.

"That was the war cry, the beast hunts for us." My brother's words fell like hammers, crushing any since and reality I had just built seconds before. I tried to speak out but my mouth was dry, truly fear had taken over my resolve; but why should I be afraid, reality told me nothing existed outside of what man knows to be true, but does man know everything? "We have to split up brother, we are downwind from the beast and together we make a big target." You have got to be kidding, split up now! I looked at my brother as if I did not comprehend. He took no notice and began to move off. I quickly grabbed his arm.

"What the fuck do I do?" My brother turned around, that ever scary insanity was back in his eyes.

"Don't be silly little brother, it's time to hunt." I already knew what to do, my brother explained it to me before we left the house but I actually did not believe we would need to use the stupid tactic. The classic flush move, my brother would flush out the best and I would be the one to lay the beast down. I looked down at the ground wishing I was somewhere else then this damn forest. The creature sounded big, the creature sounded angry and more importantly sounded much more dangerous than any disgruntled threat I have ever received from call ins. I quickly decided to move into position despite the pit of fear I felt in my stomach. My brother did not always have the best ideas but I followed them without question. I inched along using the brush as my cover. The forest had become deathly quit as one question kept replaying over and over in my head. 'Who is hunting whom'? The very idea of this sent chills down my spine as I moved around to where hopefully my brother was in position. Doubt began to surface as I held the now powerless Razor Wind as close to my body as I could. Gripping the bow as hard as I could I had the sudden feeling of laughing out as loud as I could at the mere fact that here I was in a California forest gripping a bow like a teddy bear for fear of the boogey man. This was no child nightmare though, this was real and-

There! Over by that brush that seemed to have spread its luscious green vines all over a rather large timber wood. A gleam of light blistered from within the brush. I froze in mid-step; the creature had to be in that brush. The sunlight was no doubt hitting off of something metallic on the creature, common since quickly came swiftly in and aided me. Really! A creature or big cat wearing some bling? Highly unlikely; but it could be some kind of jewelry from a dead person who was killed by the creature or worse yet, it could be my brother dead as a doornail. I quickly drew an arrow, not wanting to take any chances; I notched the arrow and aimed down the arrow while in a crouching position. This was it, it was now or never. The trees moved in the breeze and the light that gleamed off of whatever flickered. That was all it took, I let the arrow fly with true amazement. The arrow flew true and straight, but to my astonishment the arrow slammed into something hard. It could not be the creature for the hit would have been soft and full of pain. Instead the arrow just simply vibrated for a few seconds before stabilizing out. All I managed to hit was a tree, and the gleaming light was still there flickering with the breeze. Seconds became minutes as I stood there crouching, waiting for some other movement than the wind. My fear soon passed and I inched ever so closely to the tree I had managed to hit with an arrow. There was no movement except for the slight breeze that made the shinning object look as if it were moving. The forest was still deathly silent as I half walked half crawled to where my arrow had been driven into a tree. Fear amplified every footstep I took and made me quiver in cold apprehension. Five minutes passed by that seemed like five hours as I finally was able to find that the shinny object was nothing more than an electrical box of some sort. Wait! An electrical box in the middle of a forest? The box was the size of a shoebox and had a metal silver strip down it that was at the moment reflecting the sunlight off of it. I smiled to myself; fear always plays prey on the fearful. I placed the Razor Wind on the ground to inspect the electrical box closer. To my astonishment I found that the electrical box had a steel wire no bigger than a phone line snaking its way down the tree. The steel wire was not at all flexible and proved to be resistant to any strain I tried to apply to it. I dug through the thick underbrush that surrounded the tree and found that on the ground the wire split into two wires. On wire went north and wrapped around the tree while the other one bolted south and off into the distance along the ground. My curiosity wanted me to follow the wire but my fear of hearing the roar like scream kept me grounded. I began to move around the tree very slowly to see were the wire lead on the other side. Just as I made it a hand lashed out and took me to the ground. Instant fear washed over me that tried to subside with the thought of it being my brother, it was not. The hand was human but the figure now standing over me was, well it washuman. It was a man who was no bigger than me, his clothes had been torn in several places and mud was smeared all over him. His eyes were red, irritated from the exposure to the wild. Before I could process another thought about the man's appearance he was on top of me, his forearm nestled right under my chin.

"Oh no." The voice of the man was soft but commanded the power of an aggressor at the same time. "No, no not you Miltonplease god forbid I am looking at Milton." What the fuck, he knows my name. Wait; hazel blue eyes, a line of freckles just below the hair line andno it can't be!

"OscarMr. Ferhind, is that you?" said I with a cracking voice. The grip the man had on me released just a little. His eyes intensified, not in recognition but in pure irrationality.

"Listen, noit is yes! Listen to me, we are the hunt. We are the prey, the fuckin turkey on the table." The man's movements were erratic, he looked in every direction. He quickly locked eyes again on me; he grabbed me by the shirt and lifted me close to his face. His breath was hideous, but I could see the wild in this man's face. "Your report was late Milton, but its okay life is just a Nintendo game, you can always try again." My heart sank in absolute disbelief. It was Oscar Ferhind, or Mr. Ferhind my boss. Questions assaulted my mind like we back at work assaulted the slow copy machine. I felt light headed as my boss rambled on about incoherent matters to the situation of why he was here and looked to me like an insane George of the Jungle. Oscar was supposed to be on vacation; in fact he still had two weeks left on that vacation. The furious two questions of 'why' and 'how' burned through my mind as to the situation of Oscar my boss, the very man who holds a respectable title and signs my checks is now nothing more than a crazed psycho in the woods. Before any more questions could arise in my mind, the sharp shrill of a scream mixed with a roar rose again to the forest heights. I froze in utter fear; my boss seemed to have not heard the scream for he continued to ramble on. I quickly shoved my crazed boss off me and began frantically searching for the Razor Wind which I had dropped earlier to inspect the metal box. Crawling around on my knees like a beggar I hear the scream once more, this time fiercer and closer than before. There! Over by the tree that divided the strange metal pipes was the one weapon I could use against the creature. I quickly crawled like a beetle before being stepped on when the force of a hard tackle crashed into me. I yelped in pain as it felt like one of my ribs had cracked. The first thought was the creature had got me, it had me in its grasp and I would die out here in this lonely forest. This thought vanished as a very human hand covered my mouth. The hand was dirty and smelt of my old tennis shoes left in the closest. It was Oscar and he held me in a tight grip; his face was right by my ear.

"shhhhhhhhhthe creature hunts." The forest was deathly mute as I tried my hardest to shallow my breathing, but the good ole rise to human emotion known as adrenaline kept my heart racing at a race horses pace. I was sure the beast would hear my heart beat as a twig snapped off to my left. I inched my head as far as Oscar's resistance would allow. My eyes strained just to see through my peripherals to where I heard silent footsteps that disturbed the foliage of the forest floor. Nothing was there, just the same old scenery that was everywhere in the forest. There was no creature from at least what I could see, that was when a black boot came into view. Joy quickly replaced fear as I knew the boot belonged to my brother. I felt like calling out to him when I felt Oscars grip on me tighten. I struggled for air as my brother walked silently just a few yards from Oscar and myself.

"I did not want you to find out like this brother, " What in the hell is he talking about? My brother stood still in the middle of a small clearing, we were hidden by underbrush. Oscar restrained some of his grip and allowed me a little bit of breathing room. Something felt wrong, so I remained quite despite having the opportunity to call out to my brother. "I did not think you would take it this way, I mean damn little brother we have done everything together; why side with the enemy now?" Side with the enemy; does he mean Oscar, is Oscar the enemy?

"Come on now brother, you were always soft to those who treated you like shit, Oscar deserves this opportunity to fight for the power he took for granted. You know I'm an opportunist and Oscar has the same chances as everyone else." Everyone else; you have got to be kidding me. Answers began forming in my head; I put them down not wanting them to be true. "Why is it fair for man to hunt animal and not fair for man to hunt man. Man is the ultimate game; man is an animal just like a deer, a sheep and a wolf. It's all the same little brother!" I knew It, I fucking knew it! My brother has lost all touch with sanity; I could see it in his eyes before this little escapade began. I simply just ignored all the warning signs like I had done all my life and now the moment of truth was here and I had no defense.

"Tell you what brotherstop this hiding with Oscar and come out. I promise I won't kill Oscaryet. We will reset this game, we will allow Oscar to go back out into the woods and become integrated with his true mother, Mother Nature. It will be just like hide and seek brother, don't make me regret bringing you out here." I closed my eyes and began wishing this nightmare to just go away. I knew I would awaken in my room with the bed sheets all stricken about me and the alarm once again buzzing me out of bed. This dream would become nothing more than an afterthought as the first cup of warm coffee rushed through my body. The dream would all together cease as I began my first assignment at work, the corporate grind would erase all creativity that would try to grow and flourish into true life. I opened my eyes, no I was not in bed liked I had prayed for. I was still on the forest floor; the only exception was that Oscar was gone. In a frantic flee he took off somewhere behind me. My brother's boots were gone as well; his heavy footsteps could be heard behind me as he gave chase to the rabbit that was my boss. Shock swept over me as I lay with the forest floor where everything had fallen and now rested. It was a mirror image of how my sanity had simply fallen off its tittering perch and crashed to a million pieces on the fragile humanist self-esteem. I all my life had been driven by the realism that man was the pinnacle species of the Animal Kingdom, but with just a few hours my brother had served me a cold meal that proved man is nothing more than a beast, an animal out for blood. I needed no horrific visions of war or mass genocide to see that man was not on the top of the food chain he was the food chain. No; no not the kind of food for sustenance but food to fuel the need to be unrestrained from society, to take life and feel true power from the Kingdom of true Animal nature. The will to survive and dominate existed even in the frame of my relative boring life behind the shadow of a desk. Even in this small kingdom of ringing telephones, endless reports and shitty copy machines I could now see that we only caged the beast; we tried to tame the beast with rules and goals. We listened with eager intent as those we lifted on our shoulders held power to cage us while we remained behind bars serving an endless corporation that was hell bent on its own survival. Did Oscar Ferhind deserve to die at the hands of my brother for using his power on others who were weaker? Was I just going to lie here while nature's subordinates crawled all around me while my brother hunted my boss through this crazy jungle? I swiveled my head from side to side till my eyes rested on the Razor Wind. Yes that was the answer, it was my horns, my claws it was the one thing that would solve this damn mess. My brother wanted a hunt, well the hunter was about to become the hunted. I dashed forward to the Razor Wind, picked it up with a new vigor and set off after my prey. It was pure adrenaline that surged through me as moved as stealthily as possible through the underbrush of the forest. Fear was nowhere to be found as I found a new power in the hunt, it was the power to take life away from another man and it felt awesome.

"It feels good doesn't it?" I stopped dead cold in my tracks, a lump of nothing knotted in my throat. Fear resurfaced again quickly using that power I had felt before to fuel its own rage. On instinct I notched the arrow and waited. "Instincts brother, it's what makes a man a man." My eyes searched frantically for my brother but he was nowhere to be found.

"You have let the prey escape and have ruined the hunt. Now you stand there with your bow and arrow and hope to do what, kill me." There it was the god awful truth of it. My mind burned with the furry to reap vengeance upon my brother for killing innocents out in these woods for sport. I wanted nothing more than to see my own family's blood spilled for a man who treated me like dirt for his own self gain and for people I knew nothing about.

"You disappoint me brother. Of all you know you still fight the hunter inside of you. You won't embrace your true colors because you are afraid, " He was right, I could never kill another man much less my own brother. The stalemate in the woods allowed me to see myself truly as an animal without a kingdom. I had let fear make a home inside of me and it lived out its life in my everyday life. I was the prey, always saying life would get better, people will start acting like people and I would be treated everywhere like a prominent figure one day. It was all an illusion, nothing but fear was left as I stood somewhere in the middle of a damn forest.

"I will kill you brother" The words felt like a knife with jagged edges had pierced my very foundation of lively hood. "You have seen too much and are now a threat to my life. It's simple brother, its kill or be killed, a true hunt." I felt weightless, like my human rights and emotions were all swept away. My brother wanted to kill me here and now for interfering with the hunt. I felt cornered, trapped like a helpless rabbit before a rabid hunting machine. I had no choice but to play the finale card I had left, that card was desperation.

"Please brother! Can't you see your evil ways? Killing your fellow man is just plain wrong! PLEASE BROTHER I BEG OF YOU TO STOP THIS, I WANNA GO HOME THAT'S ALL!" The flood gates opened and my emotions rode with the tears that streaked down my face. My body shuddered in a mixture of hope and fear, a very deadly mixture. The wind whispered all around me as time seemed to be at a standstill. Silence eclipsed all as I waited for the end to slip me free of this nightmare. Sweat beaded off my fist that tightened around the hand groove of the Razor Wind. The majestic beauty of the Razor Wind gave no comfort as it had done before; I might as well have been holding a stick. The impulse to take a step forward leaped out but

"I'm a ghost!" The whisper came right beside me, right in my left ear. A fraction of a second passed, signals were sent from my brain to arms. They acted in smooth unison, tensing, retracting and repeating. My eyes turned faster than my head, once turned around they narrowed to focus on what was in front of me. An object whizzed by faster than my eye could register. A sharp pain was recorded across my cheek; I felt warm blood trickle down my face. I turned around to find a crude looking arrow stuck in a tree, the arrow had come close to sticking me in my head. My brother was series and that was all I needed to find the primal beast inside of me. I tightened my grip once more on the Razor Wind, this ended now!

Movement to the left, I was there aiming down the Razor Wind. Movement to the right, I shifted back over with calm resolve. I was a hunter, no pity for the kill I was about to commit. Movement behind me, I spun around and pulled the Razor Wind back till it was fully taunt. The jagged arrow head was my ridicule as I searched deep in the forest for my target. Laughter filled the forest air; it was the beast, my brother taunting me. Movement once again behind me, I turneda rather large brush gave off human movement. I let the arrow fly true; it flew and cut through the air like a razor indeed earning its right to have been shot from the Razor Wind. A yelp ascended to the sky. A smile formed on my face, the hunt was over and was now time to bag my prize. The invincible shroud of a hunters mind quickly evaporated as the reality of my actions hit home. I had just killed another human being, not just any human being but my own flesh and blood my brother. The sound of crying broke me free of my trance; I rushed past the bush and wished I never had. There on the ground with an arrow in his lower back was Oscar Ferhind.


"You shot me, " The sobs broke free once more as complete shock overwhelmed me. "WhyMilton whyOh it hurts get it OUT, GET IT OUT!"

"I am so sorry Oscarplease you don't understand I - "

"PLEASE TAKE IT OUT, NO MORE PAINII please I do whatever you want just pull it out!" I dropped the Razor Wind and gripped the arrow, it was in pretty deep.

"Hold on Oscar, this will hurt!" I pulled on the arrow and Oscar screamed bloody murder, the sound reminded me of the scream I heard when this stupid hunt started. Oscar's body shuddered so violently that the arrow moved around further in his back.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING? OH GOD IT HURTS MILTON! TAKE IT.AHHHHHH NOOOOO IT HURTS!!!" I had pulled again this time the arrow moved up a little but through the wound I could see a whitish and grey lump start to make it way out, that's when I realized that my brother had given me razor arrows that caused massive pain. The arrow was serrated and hooked like a saw so that it would make a clean entrance but very nasty exit. The arrow, wherever it struck, would bring out whatever it hooked on to. In this case it was in the lower back of Oscar, just left of the spine. I was no doctor so I had no idea what the arrow was binging out. Oscar's screams intensified as I tried to push the bloody blob back in, more blood came out as all I managed to do was push the arrow back further.

"NOno please Milton" I stopped now knowing it was useless without medical help. "Ino more Milton, just let melet me rest." Oscar's voice became mellow, he was fainting and soon death would follow. The arrow must have clipped an important artery for his life was fading fast.

"Oscar please doesn't die. Tell me, I must know how you got here? How did my brother get you out here?" His face was three shades lighter than before; it was as pale as a ghost. Oscar started mumbling but it was not enough to discern what he was saying. "Come on Oscar! STAY WITH ME, tell me how you -

"He's dying brother, you killed him." I froze in mid-sentence, a combination of feelings rushed over me as I heard my brother's voice. "The hunt is over little brother, you have made me proud." The combination of feelings spun like a wheel till they rested on anger, I grabbed it and allowed it to take my body over. I grabbed the knife strapped to my boots, flung in out and

Doctor McCray shifted in his chair and rolled another piece of paper over his clipboard. He read a little of the lines and then looked up.

"This is where you always black out and our session ends. It changes periodically, you raise the knife ready to strike your brother and you see standing behind you not your brother but your mother, your father, your step father who abused you and most recently you find yourself standing there." Doctor McCray allowed his patient to soak up what he just said. McCray had to be careful; these sessions could become very dangerous at the drop of a dime. McCray's patient said nothing; instead he appeared to be lost in thought. Doctor McCray sighed.

"It's time once again to hear the truth of your actions. In the deep woods of Northern California you took your best friend and boss David Milton on a hunting trip. You killed Milton out there in those woods. We have proof of this." The patient snapped free of his trance.

"That can't be."

"And why not?"

"Because I am David Milton, my boss is Oscar Ferhind" Doctor McCray looked back down at his clipboard; a quick sigh of impatience escaped his mouth.

"Oscar Ferhind does not exist, you made that name up. You used the name of David Milton to somehow cope with killing him."

"But I did not kill him, my brother did and he is still out there!" The patient's voice raised a level. McCray knew this to be an early sign of danger. The guard in the back of the white room tensed, he would react on the second the patient acted.

"Your brother is dead; he died when you were eight in a fire caused by firecrackers. You have cleverly changed your name since you were seventeen. It was through the records of your brother that we were able to find your real name. You have used hundreds of different names and fake identities so you could build this elaborate fantasy world of the hunt." Tears began to streak down the face of the patient, his breaking point was nearing.

"I AM DAVID MILTON AND MY BROTHER KILLED OSCAR! He killed my boss I have to wake upplease someone pinch me!" Doctor McCray remained calm.

"This is not some nightmare, it is reality and you have to see it. It's the only way you can become better. Now tell me, what's your name?"

"My name is David Milton."

"What's your name?"

"David Milton?"

"What is your name?"

"DAVID MILTON!" The patient shot up from his seat toward Doctor McCray, but the guard acted a step faster as he already had a strap around the patient. The patient screamed and thrashed all around but the guard was just too strong. Doctor McCray calmly put the clipboard down and rose up out of his seat. He reached in his white coat pocket and pulled out the syringe armed with a strong sedative. His patient had failed yet another session. The needle was a small annoyance to the bigger problems of the patient as the sedative went to work and he was incapacitated. The patient was taken away to a padded cell; Doctor McCray walked out of the room and met his superiors who were watching the session through video feeds. There was an old skinny man and short bald fat one, neither men McCray liked but he had to answer to them.

"The session did not go well I take it." Said the old one.

"Recovery for him is by the inch not in miles."

"How come you did not use the piece of evidence you hold?" The fat bald man sounded delighted at this. Doctor McCray pulled the photo out of his pocket. It was the photo they found on the patient, the patient believed it to be of the mythical beast that he and his brother were hunting. The patient claimed nothing was there but the photo was of him in camouflage and painted face. To be honest the picture scared Doctor McCray for the patient in the picture truly looked like a wild beast. His face was calm and precise with a hint of death on it. The picture had been taken from David Milton's camera, he indeed had captured in a photo a real beast and that beast killed him. Doctor McCray put away the photo and came back to reality.

"He is not ready for the photo yet."

"Like he is not ready for his real name and the name of his brother?" The fat bald man was persistent. Doctor McCray gave out another sigh.

"Kane is a master mind; his mind is far beyond the reaches of ours. Had his life been straight and good he could have led a breakthrough life in perhaps all things of human nature. Instead Kane was born to a sick family; his only life line was Able. When Able died in a horrible accident he blamed himself, so to did the remaining members of his family. The torment of the mind created alter egos including the older life of his brother. Kane became unstable and created many lives with different identities. He constructed a fortress in the middle of nowhere and created an elaborate shock collar system that used a magnetic field to create a magnetic wall surrounding his property. The collars were made for human's gentlemen his targets were men of power like you because they best resembled his family when he was young. His family held power over him and he accused them of using that power of hate to kill off his brother, " The two corporate bosses shifted uneasily as Doctor McCray delivered the truth. "Kane suffered massive trauma after the death of Able. His life line to sanity was crushed and all the blame was placed on him. His greatest tormentor was himself, in essence the life he led only served to create a monster and that monster is a genius. His mind will not accept this photo, his mind will not accept his real name because

Both corporate bosses seemed to lean a little closer to Doctor McCray as he allowed his assessment to hang in the balance of an eclipse. "Because life is unforgiving, it shines on neither the bright nor the dumb. Kane once told me that the word evil was created by man; its very essence meant the same as the animal instinct of survival. Man is beast, he will always kill." Doctor McCray looked up to find the ignorant looks of men with too much power who were blind to life's ways.

"That is what we are paying you for, for that load of crap!" The old man's husky voice put no fear in the doctor like the old man had hoped. The fat bald man already began walking away. "Doctor McCray I expect a full assessment of real referrals on Kane on my desk by Monday or you will face the demeanor of the board." The old man turned around to follow his corporate buddy it was at that moment that a high pitched scream echoed all through the Asylum. The scream was of bloody murder mixed with the roar of a warrior. Both corporate bosses turned around with a look of fear upon their faces. Next came the shrill horn of the alarm, the light toned down as the red emergency lights began to flash. A smile creaked across Doctor McCray's face as he was bathed in flashing red lights.

"What's going on doctor?"

"The hunt begins."

The End.

By Chase Sinquefield - I grew up here in Texas and have to say I have the pride of a Texan. With that pride I have the an adorable wife whom I love with all my heart. She is my wind in my sails and allows me to be an elite writer....  

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