Keep It Simple Stupid It's A 3 STEP PROCESS

Do You Lack The Knowledge To Be
A Successful Online Marketer

Lets dive into a very Simple Free System
that can change you from the
Hunter To The Hunted !

 What you are about to learn in this free report is that you can give it away for free, to anyone that opts into your auto responder.
Don't worry if you don't have an auto responder it will be explained later in this free report.

Here is how it works.

The only way that anyone can run a successful business online is to build a list
and to drive traffic to their sales offers.

You ask how do I do that? I will first start by saying this, if you are trying to sell any programs other than your own, you will fail. You must be selling your own products to be successful in the business opportunity niche. This is a fact with most niches online.

The only way that you can make 100% commissions is to create your own products or find someone willing to give you 100% commissions. With this system you will get a free system that you can give away and keep 100% commissions.

It is also true if you don't have a sales funnel you are doomed for failure. It is also true if you don't have an automated sales funnel you will never have a chance online building your business. So what's the first step in this process? It is to create a Sales Funnel. Then the second step in this process is to automate that sales funnel.

To complete your sales funnel you need to have a place to send your customers to, in most cases it is a web page, an email address or an affiliate link.

So let's look at the three steps we need now.

  1. Sales Funnel
  2. Automate The Sales Funnel
  3. Send Customers To A Web Page promotion, email address or an affiliate link

So what do we need to accomplish this?

  1. We need a product to sell
  2. We need an autoresponder to automate the process
  3. We need a website to send our customers to
So now that we know what it takes to create our own products. You ask how do you make 100% commissions?

Easy with this free report you get this free report to give away and then receive 100% of the profits from giving it away.

Here is how it works.

The only way you are going to be successful is to complete this 3 step process.

So we already know what the product is (this report) it is also Step #1.

The autoresponder is Step #2.

A Website is Step #3.

  1. This report
  2. Autoresponder
  3. Website

Always keep in mind make this a simple as possible. It is a three step process and only a three step process.

Now you say what's the catch and you are correct there is a catch. However it is not what you think. In fact you can get paid for this report every time someone opts into the automated process.

Here is how it works -

Step #1 you already have your free 100% commission product to give away (this report).

Step #2 you need an autoresponder to automate the process. This is where you will monetize this free give away.

Step #3 you need a website. This is also how you will monetize this report.

  1. So let's keep this simple you give away this report
  2. You give your optins/prospects all the emails for this programs autoresponder.
  3. You give your prospects the pre-built web pages needed to sell the product.
I bet you are still wondering how do I make money for doing this for free?

  1. Step #1 You have your report
  2. Step #2 Your Prospects will need an Autoresponder
  3. Step #3 Your Prospects will also need Web hosting

So now that we already have the
Step #1

The Free Report 

 Let's move onto Step #2
The Autoresponder

There is a company out there that you can get a autoresponder for only $10 a month it is also a downline program that allows you to earn a monthly income. So for only $10 a month your optin's/prospects now have a very cheap way to automate this report. The prospects can also earn a commission if they execute this free report with your affiliate links in it.

This service will allow your prospects to use pre-built splash forms. It also has all the training videos on how you can get your splash pages up and running online. It has video splash pages as wells as text splash pages. The service also has an video section where you can produce your own videos. It has so many more features that will move you foward in your business.

Note: if you don't use the links in this report to sign up then you will not receive a free report with your embedded links.
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Now let's move onto Step #3


Your prospects will also need webhosting. There is also another company that has some of the best hosting online and for a very low price $3.96 a month, get the linux service. With each prospect that you sign up you will get a 100% commission of at least $50. So the more people that view this free report the more money you can make.

Note: if you don't use the links in this report you will not receive a free report with your embedded links
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As you can see it is a simple three step process.

Don't complicate it. It's only 3 Steps

All you have to do is give away this free report.
Then watch your commissions and downline grow.

With this report you will get all the files that will enable your prospects to sign up under you (autoresponder emails and the website files). All your prospects will need to do is to give you proof of signing up for the autoresponder or for the web hosting to receive the (autoresponder emails and the website files).

Now some of your prospects will need some help, you should give them your email address so you can help anyone that needs help. Once you finish this process you should be able to help your prospects by either helping them learn or by just uploading the files to there web host accounts so they can start giving away this free report. Your upline will help you with this process. You will want your prospects to follow you into your other programs so that they can earn additional income. So by helping your prospects they will always open the emails you send them in the future. Remember you and your prospect are now a team. You see you are branding yourself and your business. So the person you sign up under will also help you in setting up your automated system. 

Remember the more that you give away this report, the more you build your down line 
and your online income. Thus making your prospects money and also increasing your own income.

This is a great way to create a long lasting down line in future programs.

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So what do you do now? Sign up from the two above links within this report.

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Thank You,

Gary Fleck